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The Perfect BTS Funko Pop Rocks For Your Table [Most Popular Funko Pop Edition].

If you are an Army (BTS’s Fandom Name) and you want to decorate your room with the BTS theme then Funko pop rocks are one of the first things that can come into your mind. BTS is well recognized and popular all around the world, and with that, the popularity of their Funko pop rocks is increasing as well. There are varieties of BTS Funko pop rocks for fans who want a perfect figure to decorate their table.

Funko pop rocks are a kind of vinyl figures made as different characters or themes. These are made in a very impressive way which holds the character of certain people like big pop group members, celebrities, sports stars, etc. Among all of the categories, K-pop-inspired Funko pop rocks are found commonly and it’s also in demand in different countries.

These figurines can be used as a decoration or someone can simply get them to add to their collections. As Funko pop rocks comes with a stand to hold the figurine, it is easy to keep it anywhere according to your comfort zone. Most of the fans use them to decorate their table as the figurines come in a vibrant color which gives the room a vibrant vibe.

Popular BTS Funko Pop Rocks

The boy band BTS consists of 7 members and there’s always a different theme followed for their album or comeback. Considering all the unique looks of each member, there are different Funko pops available for each member. But it can get confusing as all of the member’s figurines look so beautiful that fans can’t decide what to get and what to not. Here we will talk about some of the most popular and in-demand Funko pop rocks of BTS members.

1. Jungkook (Butter)


The vinyl made Funko pop rock of Jungkook inspired by his “Butter” song’s look is around 4 inches in length. Die-hard BTS fans might notice that each and every member tried a totally different style which is out of their comfort zone for this album.

The team chose a wild theme for Jungkook and decided on getting a purple hair color for him. As Butter is their second song in the English language so the hair color and eyebrow piercings gave a perfect Western look to Jungkook. Besides, Jungkook has a well-built body so everything he does with his hair goes well with his overall look.

The song Butter has a part where all the members dress up as criminals and hold the criminal board where their names and information are written. The Funko pop rocks resemble Jungkook’s look as a criminal with his purple hair and eyebrow piercings where he poses holding the mugshot sign. His black clothes and shoes go very well with his hair color which makes the Funko pop rocks look eye-catching.

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2. Suga (Dynamite)

suga 2

The BTS Funko pops are one of the most sought-after merchandise for the collection of Army but each and every member has some coolest pop rocks some of them really stand out like the Funko pop rock of Suga from the Dynamite theme. The figurine is around 3.75 inches long and comes in a transparent display case so that it can attract potential customers with its stunning looks.

In this look, Suga beautifully held the modern touch in a classically designed outfit where he wore a Blazer Jacket and waistcoat combined with a pair of jeans from the luxury brand Gucci. His hair was set wisely which gave a classical vibe to go with the outfit.

He was seen dancing and singing the chorus part of the song with the members wearing the suit. There was a dancing scene where members individually did some steps and lastly ended it with a group dance. There Suga strikes a pose which later on gets a lot of attention from the Army as they love to see him dancing like that.

The Funko pop rock of Suga is made keeping the pose of Suga in mind and it got really popular among fans as this is one of the most demanded Funko pops of BTS and especially of Suga. Besides, the detailed work and cutely made figurine are admired by the Army as the figurine really gave the vibes of Dynamite’s Suga

3. Taehyung (Idol)

Untitled design 7

It is more like a mini doll than a Funko pop rock but this figurine of Taehyung from the “Idol” music video is a must to mention. The figurine resembles Taehyung’s outfit from the music video of Idol so beautifully that it became really popular among the Army.

In this look, Taehyung went for a totally playful and fun look with a colorful hair color and outfit. Taehyung died his hair in two colors, half blonde and half pink for the album. To go with the hair color, he was given vibrant outfits to wear and in a part of the mv, he wore a white shirt with lines and heart shapes in red color. The shirt was complimented with a black tie and red shoulder belts which really helped to give the look a vibrant vibe.

The figurine was made keeping the details in mind, starting from the shirt design to hair colors. Although, Taehyung had glasses on in some parts of the outfit the figurine didn’t have any glasses on. The figurine is made in a sitting position with spreading legs and hands on the floor and gives a funky expression like Taehyung did in the MV.

Anyone who sees the figurine can tell instantly that it’s a Taehyung figurine as it gives similar vibes to Taehyung. The best part about this figurine is that Taehyung himself posed with the same figurine which is big in shape while visiting a BTS store. After his cute pose with the figurine, the popularity and demand for the figurine rose more high.

4. J-hope (Butter)

Untitled design 8

One of the most talked about looks after the release of Butter MV is the new look of the K-pop idol J-hope. Those who know J-hope from the very beginning know that he always gives a cutesy or vibrant vibe with his outfits but in the Butter mv, he surprised the fans with a totally different look from his regular shelf.

He colored his hair in all yellow which is new for him and in his stunning outfits, he slayed the look totally. There’s a scene where yellow-haired J-hope eats a whole cube of butter representing the song’s name Butter which was the highlight of the MV. The Funko pop rock showcased his yellow-haired look beautifully leaving the fans wanting to have it.

In one of his looks, he wore a black suit and pants keeping his hair all set behind with the mugshot sign. He poses so flawlessly keeping his one hand in his pocket and mugshot in another hand with a cold expression. The look and expressions of J-hope made fans head over heels for him and the Funko pop rock of this look received large popularity.

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