5 Coolest lightsticks of k-pop

5 Coolest Lightsticks Of K-pop That Have Caught The Eyes Of The Fans.

K-pop has come up with some of the coolest lightsticks to date which has offered amazing experience to K-pop fans. Every K-pop group has its own distinctive lightsticks which are used as a sign for the K-pop groups. K-pop lightsticks are something that fans wave at a K-pop group’s concerts to show their love and support for the group. The shining little balls seen in the hands of numerous audiences in the dimmed concert halls are what give the feel of an actual K-pop concert.

Having a K-pop lightstick doesn’t just mean you’re going to a concert, it also portrays your support and loyalty to the group you like. This is one of the must-have merchandise for K-pop fans not only for waving it in concert full of crowds but also for having it in your room as a part of your collection.

5 Coolest Lightsticks Of K-pop Groups

Till now there have been so many unique and pretty-looking lightsticks have been designed for K-pop groups. But Lightsticks really stands out and catches the eye of people because of its detailing, features, and design which makes them beyond just an accessory. Here we will get to know about some of the coolest lightsticks of all time that have been released by different K-pop groups.

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1. Loona Lightstick

When we talk about the prettiest and coolest lightsticks, the Loona lightstick comes in mind instantly if you have ever seen it. Fans love the unique design of the crown on the top of the lightstick which gives a queen vibe. There’s a tiny crescent moon shape on top of the crown which shows how carefully and with detailing the lightstick was made.

The K-pop lightstick is very elegantly designed and has a golden coloring which also goes well with the crown and moon designs. Another one of the unique features of the lightstick is, that it can light up into different color options to represent the 12 girls.

It comes with 3 AAA batteries which helps the lightstick to lighten up to 5 hours. The design is not only elegant but also the lightstick holds the symbol of the girl group which is the name and logo. The color-changing feature of the lightstick is something that needs to be appreciated.

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2. Dreamcatcher Lightstick

The Dreamcatcher lightstick looks very different from other usual lightsticks and also has some unique features. The lightstick is used as the official lightstick for the K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher and they revealed the lightstick to their fans on the fourth anniversary of their debut.

At present, the Dreamcatcher lightstick is the longest in length compared to any other K-pop lightsticks of other K-pop groups with a length of 785 mm holding the number 1 spot in the list surpassing the Loona lightstick which is 435 mm in length. The handle has two extended part which helps the lightstick to get to 785 mm long and the main handle is in a regular size like any other K-pop lightstick. One can use the main handle or use either one or both extensions according to their preference.

The lightstick can produce 4 different types of color lights which are blue, red, yellow, and white. Besides, the different colors, the lightstick also has two different modes where one is lighting mode and the second one is flash mode.

What makes the lightstick unique is its design which is inspired by the Dreamcatcher group’s theme. The group’s name is written in golden color in the handle of the lightstick and it has a beautiful red color used on the top around the transparent sphere. Unlike other K-pop lightsticks, it has an internal battery with 2000 mAh, and with 3 hours of charging, it can light up to 5 hours.

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3. Monsta X Lightstick

The coolest part of the Monsta X lightsticks is the black and grey color and the standard design. Monsta X lightstick was first revealed on the 2nd anniversary of the K-pop group Monsta X in 2017. The design quality looks very decent and the material used is also of high quality.

The handle of the lightstick is black and the group’s logo is displayed on the top which looks very unique and pretty. The lightstick has three AAA of 200 grams and it can light up into different hues like red, white, green, etc.

The unique thing about the lightstick is it has a vibration feature which is generally not found in other K-pop lightsticks. Besides, there are light modes and color-changing option that looks really appealing during a concert.

The lighting system of the lightstick can be controlled through a remote which is a pretty amazing feature. These changing light modes and colors can make any concert more exciting and enjoyable. The latest version comes with many more facilities adding to the lightsticks like a stand to help the lightstick showcase, the ability to connect with a cell phone, external batteries, etc.

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4. Ateez Lightstick

Ateez Lightstick was first officially introduced to the audience in 2020 for their fans ATINYs. The lightstick is visually very appealing and detail-oriented. When you see the Ateez lightstick you’ll definitely say that they have put a lot of thought into making the lightstick.

The lightstick is made in the shape of a map of the globe and inside there’s a unique hourglass design. The handle of the new version of the lightstick is golden and black in color and the group’s name is engraved on the lower side of the handle. In the round-shaped area around the globe, there’s written “8 makes 1 team” which is a message for their fans

The name of the lightstick is “Lightiny” which is a combination of light and destiny. Through this name, they wanted to portray how their fans (ATINY) brought Destiny and Ateez together and built a strong bond with their fans. The lightstick also has different lighting modes available to enjoy a variety of colors.

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5. I-DLE Lightstick

The official name of the K-pop group I-DLE’s lightstick is “Neverbong” which was first released in 2019. The color, design, and features are all eye-catching about this lightstick as the look is different from the regular lightsticks.

The main design of the lightstick which is the purple castle inside the transparent sphere refers to their fandom which is called “Neverland”. The fandom’s name is also written under the globe which represents how much they adore and love their fans. The size of the lightstick is just perfect to hold and wave it comfortably.

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