How Does K-drama Keep The Audience So Engaged With Its Plot?

K-drama has taken the world under storm through its amazing screenplay and intriguing storylines that keep people hooked. From romance to psycho-thriller K-drama offers high-quality series in every possible genre. 

One of the most liked ways of entertainment online is K-drama nowadays and its popularity and likeliness are only rising. Some K-drama fans get so hooked on it that they can’t take their eyes and minds away from K-dramas until the end especially when it comes to romantic dramas.

Because of K-dramas, South Korean culture and media spread throughout the world. Korean culture and entertainment industry skyrocketed like a sudden wave. Now the question arises, why K-drama is attracting so many people and keeping them hooked till the end? Here we will discuss some of the major points that engaged people towards K-dramas more and more.

How does K-drama keep the audience hooked?

K-drama consists of pretty actors and actresses, eye-catching cinematography, hilarious comedy scenes, mouth-watering food, thrilling action, and all the quality that is enough to stay in your head for days and can make you laugh till your mouth hurts. Some of the major reasons are mentioned here:

1. Easy to watch

If we compare Korean dramas to other shows from different countries, they consist of shorter series where most of their seasons are made of 12 to 16 episodes. A shorter series makes it easier to catch up and finish it within a short time, not like some other series that have 20+ episodes for each season.

It’s not bad to have longer series but shorter series enable people to binge-watch the drama which helps to connect the storyline without having to watch other seasons of the series. People also tend to watch shorter series so that they can finish one and start another one, thus they can see two K-dramas in the time of watching one season of a western series.

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2. Availability

Another very important factor about watching a series is the availability of the episodes. Although Korean dramas only get released on Korean television, there are still many platforms for K-dramas where you can watch them for free. Numerous free websites and free apps allow K-drama fans to watch their favorite drama online.

Besides, K-drama also started reaching out to more people internationally through popular platforms like Netflix. At present, there are many K-dramas that are officially released as Netflix series which makes Korean dramas available anywhere in the world

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3. Unique plot

Most of the K-drama comes with original and creative twists in its storyline. Starting from romantic dramas to thriller dramas, there are always twists and turns that viewers eagerly wait to disclose. What will be the ending, who is the actual culprit, or, who is related to whom? These types of questions are wondered by viewers while watching a certain drama.

All the alluring and shocking twists kept the viewers wondering, how can someone think like that? This is one of the main reasons why K-drama fans get so hooked on the drama till the end. The creativity that comes with the plot is really admirable.

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4. Charming looks

Koreans have a reputation for being beauty addicts and it’s undeniably true that they have pretty flawless skin and beautifully carved looks. It’s delightful to watch such good-looking human beings on screen while playing some charismatic roles.

Korean actors and actresses maintain a certain skin routine which makes them look more flawless and with the makeup and hair done, they look as dreamy as possible in the screens. It’s pleasant to watch two beautiful falling in love and having charismatic moments. Also, the dressing styles of Korean dramas are very unique and pretty.

5. Diversified genres

K-drama has a distinctive way to present itself but that doesn’t mean it is limited to any genre. Korean drama offers a variety of genres which include, fantasy, rom-com, historical, sci-fi, comedy, thriller, action, psycho-thriller, and many more interesting genres.

The best thing about this genre is, you will never get out of K-dramas to watch in your favorite genre as there are numerous series available in each genre. Each and everyone can find something to watch that they truly like.

6. Background music

Music is something that lives to a scene and makes it two times more likable than seeing the scene without the background music. Besides, Korean drama offers some amazing soundtracks which are also called OSTs that can lift your mood in seconds.

K-drama OSTs add so much to dramatic or romantic scenes that you can’t even imagine. The breathtaking scene with some beautiful songs sung in a sweet or deep voice. Many K-pop singers also gave their voices in many OSTs which is a plus point for K-pop fans as well.

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7. Cinematography

In a K-drama, cinematography plays a vital role in portraying a scene perfectly as it should be. A good cinematography can make any drama seem amazing visually. Generally, cinematography supports the scene and performance of the actor to match the tone.

Exceptional dramas pay more attention to the details, the lighting, the color palettes, the frame, etc. which makes the drama more visually beautiful. There are some scenes where are no dialogue or activity but with only adding cinematography the scene can seem beautiful.

8. Intense chemistry

Romantic Korean dramas have a whole different fanbase because of intense chemistry and moments that give you butterflies in your stomach. A simple hand-holding scene can be so pleasing to watch that only K-drama fans can understand.

Romantic dramas really focus on story building and make step-by-step progress on the relationship of the main leads. When fans keep waiting to get one kissing scene and when it happens they just go crazy about it that’s how intense chemistry grows.

9. Ideal men/women characters

Last but not least, the characters they show on the screen seem so perfect and dreamy that viewers get their standards high. Korean drama actors/actresses play such characters that people dream about in their life partner. The character building and character development they show are just so perfect and surreal to exist.

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