Best Korean gift ideas for k-drama lover

Korean Gift Ideas For K-drama Lover Girls.

If you are looking for a gift for a K-drama lover then there’s nothing better than a Korean gift that is usually used in K-dramas. Girls who love K-dramas get very connected with them as they spend a good amount of time in their day watching dramas. So the one thing that will definitely make them feel joy and special is something that is related to what they genuinely love.

As K-drama has a whole universe of itself, it’s kind of hard to know what’s used the most in dramas and what can make a K-drama lover girl happy. There are numerous little things that are frequently used in K-dramas from jewelry to food products.

Korean Gift Ideas

To help you choose the perfect Korean gift that will bring a bright smile to a K-drama lover’s face, we have collected some of the most popular and used products in K-dramas.

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1. Korean Snack Box

K-dramas have so much influence on people that they notice everything from what the actors or actresses wear to what they eat. You must see the actors and actresses gulping instant ramen or devouring the red-colored saucy tteokbokki (Rice Cakes) in the drama. Watching them eat those tempting foods can make anyone want to try them.

Besides, Korean food and snacks are already very popular because of their uniqueness, tempting look, and spicy taste all around the world. Korean food has dominated the food culture of the country so much that people love to eat Korean snacks on a daily basis even though it comes a bit more expensive than regular snacks as it’s all they way imported from Korea.

Considering the demand among the people, many online and offline shops offer Korean snack boxes which are a combination of varieties of popular Korean snacks like instant ramen, pepero, rice cake, honey rice crackers, seaweed, etc.

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2. Dancing Swan Necklace

Die-hard K-drama fans are well aware of the specialty of swan necklaces as it was used as the symbol of love in the K-drama “True Beauty” which was a huge hit internationally. The male lead Lee Suho gifted the swan necklace to the female lead while doing the most awaited confession of love.

The necklace has a very special place in the hearts of K-drama lovers as it symbolizes love, trust, grace, and loyalty. The beautiful necklace was shown in the whole K-drama as an important part of the drama. Whoever watched that scene would wish to have this beautiful and elegant swan necklace as her own.

Besides the use of the necklace in the drama, the necklace itself looks stunning featuring a dancing swan made of crystals with a delicate adjustable chain on. The design of the necklace is very light and elegant so it’s hard for anyone to dislike it in the first place. Its simplicity and elegance can make the necklace fit perfectly for any occasion or even for regular use.  

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3. Korean Culture Dictionary

When people watch K-dramas they thoroughly get connected with their culture and living style as K-dramas always try to showcase detailed scenarios and situations. This is one of the unique and great sides of K-dramas that they not only tell a story but also build up the cultural side very well.

Fans also get curious to know more about their unique culture and living style. There are Korean culture dictionaries available where everything needed to understand one’s culture is covered like fashion, historical events, traditions, food, beauty, etc.

A Korean culture dictionary can be a productive gift for anyone who wants to know more about Korea and the people of Korea. These kinds of books use engaging language so that people can understand easily. The dictionary focuses on in-depth analysis and uses a clear manner to explain a range of subjects. This kind of gift can help a K-drama lover get a better understanding of Korean Culture and appreciate it more.

4. Lip & Cheek Tints

The craze for lip and cheek tints has spread all over the world as the Korean lip and cheek tints are one of the best Korean beauty products so far. These tints not only give a beautiful and light color but also nourish the lips to become soft, smooth, and shiny.

K-drama actresses use tints as a part of their daily makeup routine. Tints are not actually lipsticks as lipsticks give a precise intense color whereas tints are more in the lighter textured products which give a less pigmented color and also moisturize the skin. This is a very charming side of tints as they don’t give an intense color at one go and you can adjust it according to your preference.

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5. Korean Skincare Products

The Korean skincare products are very popular and in good demand all around the world. As Koreans are very sensitive about their look so they are knowledgeable about beauty products. The skin products in Korea are made at a high standard to maintain the quality of the products. The technology and innovations they use to get flawless skin are highly appreciated by the whole world.

People who watch K-dramas love the way actor and actresses uses skincare and makeup products in the drama while getting ready. There are a variety of Korean products for both skincare and makeup so that people can choose their desired products according to their skin type.

Besides, Korean products are made with natural and gentle ingredients so it’s not harmful to the skin which is one of the biggest reasons for the likeliness towards it. Any K-drama fan will be delighted to get a Korean skincare or makeup product as a gift.

6. Printed Mug

Although, the mug is a pretty common gift but printed mugs hold a special meaning to it. There are many basic words used in dramas that every K-drama freak knows well. Printing any of those common Korean words can make the mug look unique.

Besides, every K-drama fan has a special place for a certain drama which is their all-time favorite. Use any of the popular scenes from the drama to print in the mug so that whenever one uses the mug, they will have a bright smile on their face reminding them about the scene.

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