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When Sasaeng Fans Goes Too Far: The Harsh Reality of K-pop Idols’ Privacy Invasion.

K-pop fans must hear that one word “Sasaeng” which is present in every K-pop fandom somewhere. K-pop and K-pop idols have raised their popularity to the level where there is no going back. They have changed the face of the K-pop music industry with their appealing songs, catchy dance steps, and creative graphics. The world now knows about K-pop and admire its music from the bottom of their heart.

Amidst all the good things happening to the K-pop industry, there are also some negative sides to this popularity and one of them is the Sasaeng or Sasaeng fans. There are some obsessive fans or Sasaeng fans who invade the privacy of K-pop idols or other celebrities or public figures through their actions. Dealing with sasaeng fans is one of the most challenging things for K-pop idols as it is very wrong and threatening at the same time.

The term Sasaeng consists of two Korean words Sa (Private) and Saeng (Life) which convey the meaning of how they interfere in the private life of celebrities. The more popular the celebrity or the idol is, the more sasaeng fans he/she has. Most of these fans seemed to be female and between the age group of 13-22.

These fans have different ways and techniques they use to get the attention of the idols and some go to extreme levels. For example, stalking idols to their dorm or house, disturbing their family members, sending them inappropriate and vulgar gifts, and doing criminal acts to grab the attention of idols.

Some incidents caused by sasaeng fans with K-pop idols

Since the very beginning of the K-pop industry, Sasaeng fans have been found to act in different activities. With time, the style of harassment changed but they never stopped. Even in today’s world, where fans respect and look forward to their favorite idol so much, there are still these kinds of fans who continuously attempt to stalk K-pop idols and make them feel uncomfortable.

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1. Jungkook from BTS

BTS is one of the biggest boy bands in the music industry so the BTS members faced some unfortunate incidents caused by their sasaeng fans. Recently an incident happened to the vocalist of the K-pop group, Jungkook which he shared with his fans through a South Korean platform named Weverse.

Probably a Sasaeng fan sent him food at his address which sounds disgusting and suffocating for anyone to receive food from a random person. In his post, he pleaded with his fans to not send any food items to his house as he wouldn’t eat them. He expressed his feelings towards the incident and how it’s making him feel uncomfortable. He also talked about taking action if a fan like that sends him food again.

After seeing that message from Jungkook, his true fans or the Army got really angry and embarrassed about the matter and raised their voice against such actions. They also trended the hashtag “Respect Jungkook” on Twitter to show their concern for Jungkook. Previously also Jungkook posted these kinds of posts where he expressed the incidents that have been happening to him in his real life and he seemed scared of it.

This is not the first time that Jungkook faced such an incident as similar incidents happened in 2018 when a fan tried to invade his privacy by following him to his hotel room and trying to take pictures of him which can be scary for anyone. This act of that fan made Jungkook really disturbed and he felt violated because of which he couldn’t sleep peacefully in his hotel room. These kinds of incidents can lead to more serious situations so such fans should reconsider their actions.

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2. Jennie from Blackpink

Blackpink is a world-renowned girl group that is loved by many fans but there are some fans whose actions make the members of the girl group uncomfortable. One of the members of Blackpink, Jennie has faced some unfortunate incidents because of his fanboy or more precisely Sasaeng fan.

One of her fanboys set up a billboard near the YG entertainment’s building which is the agency of Blackpink. In that billboard, he absurdly used some cringe words to ask Jennie out to have dinner with him adding a photo of him with his name. Fans found the act very disrespectful and unpleasant as this can through Jennie in an embarrassing situation. Even after the fans opposed this act and told him to take down the billboard he didn’t accept his mistake and defended himself through social media.

This is not the only fanboy who did something like this, there’s another fanboy who stalked Jennie thoroughly on Social media. He recreated every picture literally in every place wherever Jennie went. The guy went to the same place as Jennie and posted on social media. At first, Jennie even promoted his YouTube channel so everyone took him positively but later on when a dating rumor about Jennie spread all around, he insulted Jennie which proves he can not be a true fanboy.

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3. Kim Jaejoong from JYJ

The South Korean idol Kim Jaejoong is a member of the K-pop group JYJ and a former member of TVXQ. Back then TVXQ was one of the hottest K-pop groups and the members got huge love and support from the fans. However the unfortunate incidents that Kim Jaejoong faced during his whole idol journey are very creepy. TVXQ was popular for having weird and horrible sasaeng experiences that crossed all the limits.

One of the most terrifying incidents happened with him in a sauna when he was taking a rest from work and sucked in the sauna when he was in deep sleep. That fan took his photos while he was asleep and posted them on different international boards. She even mentioned that she kissed him while he was sleeping which is just a disgusting act.

In one podcast, the K-pop idol shared the horrible experiences he had with sasaeng fans. All the stories of him with sasaeng fans were really disturbing and terrible. There were fans who used to enter his house and take his photos and send it to them. There was also fans who rented an apartment right across his building so that they could stalk him. He felt so disturbed that he couldn’t even go to the balcony he liked out of fear as he thought they would stare at him.

There are numerous stories like this happening to K-pop idols in concerts, in airports, in hotels, or in their own building which can be scary for anyone. These obsessive fans shouldn’t be called fans as they create so much trouble and discomfort for the idols.

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