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Does K-pop Idols Need To Go To The Military Service In Korea? K-pop Idols Who Joined Military In 2023. (Updated)

You might have heard about a K-pop idol going for military service in the midst of their ongoing career. K-pop idols have a large fanbase all around the world and fans want to know all the details about what happening in their favorite K-pop idol’s life. Military service is one of the most important parts of K-pop idols and all other male citizens of South Korea.

It is well-recognized that each and every (Except in special cases) capable male citizen of South Korea is required to serve in the military service by the age 18 – 35 for around 18 – 21 months which is a long period. This is a compulsory and important rule of South Korea and if an able-bodied man refuses to attend the military service then he might face the critical consequences.

It’s heartbreaking for fans to see their favorite K-pop idol go out of their sight for a long time but still what’s compulsory can’t be ignored. Military service is something that strictly follows rules and regulations so K-pop idols are unable to perform and communicate with fans like they do all the time as there’s an allotted time period for everything.

There are times when fans request K-pop idols to go for military service as it is a long process which is not right at all. People sometimes don’t think much because of their sentiments and demand for things that are not possible or right. There have been many debates as well about whether K-pop idols should be exempted from military service. In this article, we will talk more deeply about it.

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Why K-pop idols must join the military service?

In South Korean society, military service is an important and honorable duty for all the young men in the country. If one is capable physically and mentally, they must join the military service in the given time leaving their regular life behind for a certain time being. This is a way to honor the country, and its discipline and show their responsibility to the people of the country.

Firstly, military service is compulsory because of the potential threats from North Korea and South Korea wants to prepare all their men well and good so that they can be fit for any sudden circumstances. Besides, young men can grow and develop themselves by being disciplined and responsible through training. The military service teaches them how to stay under strict law and keep the standards of their behaviors and this helps a lot to grow as a human being as well.

When it comes to K-pop idols, their first and foremost identity is they are the citizen of South Korea and they must abide by the rules and regulations of the country as a citizen. As theirs no such exemptions for K-pop idols or any physically able men, it’s a must for K- idols to go for military training as well.

The government took action to address the complaints about any kind of favoritism and inequity in the rules of military service. Despite all the popularity the South Korean idols have, they are bound to join military training. They might work as cultural ambassadors at the global level but also must carry out their obligations towards their country.

Not going to the military and not participating in the process can result in serious repercussions. Idols might get into trouble while going abroad or using any government facility as this is a compulsory duty. It can also raise doubts in the commoners’ minds of the country and lose certain social respect for the idols who don’t serve in the military. When it comes to fans, they can just think of it as a duty of the idols despite taking it as a break from their career.

Idols who joined military training this year

Every year different members of K-pop groups go for military training in different forces to complete their military duty. There’s no difference in 2023 as well, many artists already went for their military training and some are making preparations to go for military training this year. Some of the idols who started their military training this year are mentioned below:

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1. Jay B (GOT7)

The leader of the boy band Got 7; Jay B enlisted in the military in February of 2023 without letting his fans know. Generally, K-pop idols or their agencies announce the military enlistment of the K-pop group members but it was different for Jay B. Fans got to know about it after one week of his enlistment. Jay B joined the training as a public service worker as he had a back injury. His prior shot content will release slowly and he will continue his further activities after returning.

2. J-hope (BTS)

After the enlistment of BTS member Jin, J-hope is the second one to join the military training from the South Korean boyband BTS. Before starting his military training, he invested all his time to produce his album and solo songs and he also released the song “On The Street” as a gift for his fans. All the BTS fans are eagerly waiting for them to complete their military service and return as a group as soon as possible.

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3. Kai (EXO)

While the fans were waiting for the comeback of Exo, the news of Exo’s Kai going for military training arrived. Kai went to receive basic military training in a boot camp in May 2023 before joining as a social worker. Other Exo members came to send Kai off for his military training while posing in their signature style.

4. Minhyuk (MONSTA X)

While fans were waiting for the return of the leader of the boy band Monsta X Shownum, another member Minhyuk announced that he would be going for Military training this November. He wrote a comforting message to the fans before going and promised to come back as a stronger individual.

5. Choi Sung-yoon (Golden Child)

The vocalist of the South Korean boyband Golden Child, Choi Sung-yoon or Y joined to complete his military duty in March of 2023. Before going for the training, his agency wrote a statement for fans so that they can support and wait for him till the day he comes back from his enlistment and continue his works again.

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