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Popular K-pop Groups Lightsticks That K-pop Lovers Must Have.

If you are a K-pop fan then you must be well aware of K-pop lightsticks which differ for different K-pop groups. Lightsticks are some things that are used as a symbol and identity of K-pop groups and are by K-pop fans to show their love and support for that certain idol group. That lighting bomb stick lookalike thing is not only used to wave it in a concert, but it also holds a deep meaning for the fans as well as the K-pop group.

One of the must-have merchandise for K-pop fans is the lightsticks and die-hard K-pop fans love to add these to their collection from different K-pop groups. There are some popular K-pop groups whose lightsticks are always in demand and a must-have item for every person who loves K-pop.

When we talk about popular groups we mean those who have raised the bar for the K-pop industry and achieved global recognition. They not only have international fans but also broke international records and received global prestigious awards for the amazing work they have put into the music industry.

Such groups deserve all the respect and admiration to cross the border by the power of their music style. K-pop fans really desire to own the lightsticks of these legendary K-pop groups as it only gives them joy to have something related to those K-pop groups.

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1. BTS Army Bomb

When we talk about the most popular K-pop group, the first name which comes to mind is none other than “BTS”. Its popularity spread like fire all around the world and the BTS lightstick which is called Army Bomb has become one of the most desired K-pop lightsticks too.

The transparent round-shaped Army bomb represents the shape of the globe which expresses the meaning of how BTS has conquered the world by spreading over all around the world. The glove also has the global map carved on it and it claims the fame and acclaim BTS received on a global scale.

Army Bomb is an emotion for BTS fans and they treasure it like it’s a part of BTS. In the BTS concerts, technicians operate all the Army Bomb present in the concert venue together to manage the modes and colors of all the Army Bombs so that they can match the music and light up in sync. The scenario itself seems so dreamy while the Army (BTS Fandom) moves around their lightsticks in sync.

BTS plays along with the army present in the venue and tells them to wave the lightsticks from the lift side to the right side so that it can make waves of the ocean. That’s how one simple round-looking lightstick can work as the communicating agent for the fans to connect with BTS members. Even in online concerts during the Covid fans came in front of the camera with the Army bomb like it’s a very important and precious thing.

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2. EXO Lightstick

Boy bands like South Korea and fandom like K-pop fans are rare to find anywhere else. Exo is one of those top K-pop boy band groups that has dominated the music industry with their exceptional choreography and songs made by some of the most talented composers and producers which helped the group to refine their versatile skills and personalities.

Exo’s lightstick’s official name is Pharynx but most of the Exo fans call it Eribong because “Eri” is the nickname used for the boy band Exo and bong means light. Eribong holds a very deep meaning and pride for the K-pop group Exo. Any Exo fans will fall in love with the lightstick as it’s made in the shape of Exo’s lightstick.

Eribong creates a whole different aura in the concerts of Exo as Eribong is controlled by the technical team which changes the light colors in sync to create different themes in the concert venue. Exo fans are claimed to be one of the loudest fandoms in the concerts and this unique color-changing system ads much more excitement.

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3. TXT Lightstick

The South Korean boy band TXT (Tomorrow X Together) has established itself to gain fame and recognition all around the world since its debut in 2019. They became one of the most popular K-pop groups in a short period with their extraordinary skills and hard work.

TXT stood out from the crowd with its distinctive style of music and attire. Their live performances, social media live streams, interactions with fans, choreography, and a lot of things have won people’s hearts with time and now their lightstick is one of the precious merchandise that many K-pop fans want to purchase.

The lightstick is called “Moa Bong” which looks like a round disk and there’s a plus sign designed on it with a white handle. The color combination of Moa Bong looks very funky and eye-catching because of the white, and greenish colors. It has the feature of fanlight and concert mode as well so that it can get connected with the control panel in a TXT concert.

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4. Blackpink Lightstick

The four-member girl group Blackpink debuted in 2016 and since then they have dominated the music industry through their dynamic music. Blackpink’s complex choreography and unique style got the attention of global fans. Each of their members shows off their skills and personality through their performance.

Blinks (Blackpink fandom) has the craze for Blackpink’s lightstick which is called BI-Ping-Bong or Hammer Bong because it has the shape of a hammer. The hammer bong is in the color black and pink which represents the girl group Blackpink. This can also be connected through Bluetooth to change the colors. These hammer bongs not only add colorful lights to a Blackpink concert but also add fun and exciting elements to the concert.

5. Red Velvet Lightstick

Red Velvet is a five-member South Korean girl group which has gained popularity worldwide with their distinctive style and music. Their efforts and skills are shown in their albums which reached in the top of the charts and received immense love from the fans of K-pop.

As their popularity skyrocketed, the demand and desire to own the Red Velvet Lightstick increased as well. The lightstick has a combination of white and pastel coral colors and has the shape of a cupcake. There’s an RV logo inside the cupcake shapes lightstick and it’s one of the unique and pretty looking visually. Besides, using it in the Red Velvet concerts to show your support, you can also collect it as how beautiful it will look in your shelf.

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