Best Romantic Webtoon Based K-dramas

6 Romantic Webtoon Based K-dramas That K-drama Fans Shouldn’t Miss.

The number of popular webtoon based K-dramas is increasing day by day because of their rising demand among audiences all over the world. Undoubtedly K-dramas have attracted people through their plot, story, characters, etc. But there’s another thing that is a lot in demand these days which is adaptations of webtoons into K-dramas. 

Webtoons are like comics on mobile phones with rich artwork, stories, and several genres. Webtoons are fun to read because of their way of telling the story visually too. It’s like a storybook which’s dialogues come with still images and beautiful background design.

Must Watch Romantic Webtoon Based K-dramas

Popular webtoons or novels have been used as an inspiration for many dramas and shows because of their amazing storyline. There are fans who love both to watch K-dramas and read webtoons and such fans desire to watch their favorite fictional characters as real personalities acting on the screen.

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1. True Beauty

One of the most popular webtoons as well as K-dramas is called “True Beauty” which is mainly written and illustrated by the writer Yaongyi on Naver (A technology platform). Although there are a few plot changes in the K-drama then the actual webtoon, the storyline is similar.

True Beauty is about a high school student Lim Ju-Kyung who was bullied and called ugly because of her appearance. That made Lim Ju-Kyung so insecure about her looks that she totally changed her style with the help of makeup and created a new identity of herself.

But the boy she fell in love with made her realize that outer beauty is nothing as long as you are beautiful internally. The story develops and shows the lovely and fun moments she has with her friends and the special one Lee Su-ho. The webtoon and K-drama both tried to portray the journey of a girl to find her True Beauty within herself. 

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2. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

The popular romantic webtoon My ID Is Gangnam Beauty written by Maenggi Ki has been adapted as a K-drama with the same name. Gangnam beauty generally means good looking face with plastic surgery and the drama is all about a girl who had plastic surgery to hide her real face which people call ugly.

The struggle of a girl with plastic surgery and how she suffers in life because of that was shown in the webtoon and drama. She also meets people who make her life more difficult but the male lead of the webtoon, Do Kyung-seok makes her feel like a normal girl who deserves to be loved as well.

 The webtoon and K-drama both show how their relationship builds and gets stronger with each other’s support. Although, it’s a romantic drama but there’s a lot to learn from it as well. The characters of the webtoon were played so well In the drama that both the webtoon and K-drama received a lot of praise.

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3. Seasons Of Blossoms

“Seasons of Blossoms” is another high school romance K-drama that is adapted from a romantic webtoon written by Hongduck and illustrated by Nemone with the same name. It is a very refreshing story about teenagers and young adults who go through different ups and downs at a young age.

The webtoon and drama both portrayed the beauty of youth, young love, and friendships so beautifully that will take people down to their memory lane. Youth contains colors as well as chaos and in these complicated situations, the true growth inside people happens.

The Webtoon based K-drama feels like the art of webtoons came to life and portrayed the characters perfectly. In the peak of webtoon based K-dramas, this K-drama really stands out as it not only conveys a romantic story, it also shows friendship, and relationship ups and downs among the young generation.

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4. Our Beloved Summer

A refreshing and unordinary love story “Our Beloved Summer” started as a webtoon and was later adapted into a K-drama. Although the starting and storytelling patterns of the webtoon and K-drama were different but both of them showed the journey of the two main leads from their high school life to the present.

The story starts when the main characters which are Yeonsu and Woong have to shoot a youth documentary back in their high school times. They kept bickering with each other as both of their personalities were very different from each other. 

After years passed, their documentary went viral when they both graduated from college and doing jobs. Meanwhile, they broke up again and again over silly misunderstandings and their understanding kept getting better while they grew up and learned how to communicate. It’s a different kind of love story that will keep you hooked.

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5. Business Proposal

The romantic comedy webtoon “Business Proposal” was written and illustrated by Hae Hwa and Narak and later on a full-fledged K-drama was made based on the webtoon with the same name. The webtoon and K-drama both are full of fun moments as well as the romantic scenes of the main leads.

It’s a typical office love between the food researcher and the CEO of the company. They meet in a very unexpected way when she goes on a blind date in place of her friend and later realizes that it’s the CEO!

Under different circumstances, they both agree to fake dating, and slowly with time their fake dating gets real. The story comes with many ups and downs in the relationship of the main leads and ends with a happy ending. After getting immense success in the webtoon and K-drama, they even released a hardcopy of it named “Business Proposal”.

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6. Extraordinary You

“Extraordinary You” is the live action of the webtoon named July Found by Chance written and illustrated by Muryu. Extraordinary You is a high school drama where a girl named Eun Dan-oh realizes that she is part of a comic book where she is playing the role of a side character.

The destiny of all the characters is written in a comic book and no one knows what will happen next. But Eun Dan-oh tries to change her fate and while doing that she meets a boy who can help her. Gradually they both get closer and they fall in love with each other.

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