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5 Thriller Korean Movies That Every Thriller Lovers Should Watch.

There was a time when thriller lovers used to suggest only Hollywood or Western movies as a must-watch but now thriller Korean Movies have been added to that list. The world has been fascinated with the Korean film industry’s skillfully produced, unpredictable, folklore-infused films that challenge typical genres and take viewers on roller coaster journeys that dive into the darker aspects of human beings.

Starting from the legendary thriller Korean movie like “Train To Busan” and “Parasite” the Korean film industry didn’t stop. After that, there have been so many spectacular and well-made thriller Korean movies have been released that should be watched at least once in a lifetime by every thriller lover.

Must Watch Thriller Korean Movies

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1. Forgotten (2017)

“Forgotten” is a consistently captivating ride that maintains the tension and mystery for its longest part before losing steam near the end and ending on a sentimental note. It is at times contrived, but the narration is so fierce that the plot remains compelling throughout. It is full of twists and turns and leads viewers into unexpected alleys without giving too much away.

At the beginning of the Korean movie, a family of four moves into a new home in the year 1997. There are two brothers in the family. While strolling around their neighborhood one evening, the elder brother was abducted. It takes 19 days for him to be found and returned to his family. After that different unexpected things start to happen and it’s best not to know much about the story as it will keep you more engaged with every twist and turn.

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2. The Call (2020)

The thriller Korean movie “The Call” has a very unique and interesting storyline where you’ll feel concerned about the main lead in every minute of the Korean movie. When a young lady goes back to her family’s house, she loses her phone and has to use the landline, which links her to a different young woman from twenty years ago. Imagine the opportunities if you gave her stock information or other information that might have an impact on your life in the future! The women get along well at first, becoming close and sharing details of their lives.

Everything was going well but the more they got closer the intensity and tension between them increased. The other woman is actually misled by the woman from the past. Just think of someone who has the power to influence you from the past and there is no way for you to stop them, reach them, or undo whatever they have done. You’ll enjoy every bit of it and won’t regret watching this masterpiece.

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3. The Chaser (2008)

“The Chaser” is an excellent thriller Korean movie produced by the Korean film studio. The story centers on an immoral former police officer who has transformed into a pimp. After losing a few of his “working girls,” he makes the decision to discover the customer responsible. He finds himself deeper in trouble than he anticipated when he discovers that his client is a serial killer. He then has to go after the last female who was brought to him, and the police are also trying to track him down but are impeded by politics and legal red tape.

Joong-ho Eom, the main lead, is wonderfully witty and serves as a release point for the tension in the movie. His performance has significance since it drives the movie, and he and the serial killer both have shown outstanding performances. This is a very violent and graphic movie that shouldn’t be watched by small children even though there aren’t many bloody sequences for a serial killer movie. The picture does a great deal more with a lot less, which is quite rare in movies that depend on violence to be successful.

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4. I Saw The Devil (2010)

In the revenge thriller Korean movie, “I Saw The Devil”, a NIS agent in Korea seeks revenge on the vicious murderer who killed his wife. The killings are brutal and relentless, the action is mesmerizing, and the cinematography is stunning. You will be completely intrigued by the story since it is so dark and insane. I Saw the Devil will cause you to experience agony, despair, and pain in every part of your body. It is undoubtedly one of the best thriller Korean dramas ever.

Aside from the thriller film’s concept, much praise should be given to the way it appears and how masterfully it makes use of ordinary objects. Pink dazzling horizons and white landscapes contrast sharply with the macabre scenes. If you are someone who finds it upsetting to witness scenes of torture, cannibalism, sexual assault, and a lot of harsh language spoken repeatedly then it’s better to avoid watching the K-drama.

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5. Memories Of Murder (2003)

Last but not least, “Memories Of Murder” is a must-watch Korean movie no matter if you are a thriller lover or not. Here, the filmmakers create a crisp, methodical, and finely described movie that revels in its remarkable development of mood, environment, and character. Viewers got emotionally connected to the movie as the Korean thriller was based on a true story.

The terrifying true story of the search for a vicious serial killer and rapist who terrorized a tiny province in 1980s South Korea is told in Memories of Murder. The film chronicles the paths of three increasingly desperate investigators as they try in vain to solve the case to understand the vicious psyche of a killer, marking the beginning of many fruitful collaborations between four-time Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho and leading star Song Kang Ho.

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