K-drama With The Best Romantic OST

K-drama With The Best Romantic OST (Original Soundtrack) Of All Time.

OST or the soundtrack of a K-drama is an essential part of making the K-drama a complete package. Ost are the soundtracks that are originally used in different K-dramas to synchronize and accompany the drama well to improve your drama-watching experience.

When you start watching a good drama, you expect the soundtrack to be good as well. Sometimes it’s the OST that keeps you going with a certain drama and that’s how the music works. Till now K-dramas have set a high standard of OST with the amazing work of the music team. Here, we will learn more about the romantic soundtracks that K-dramas have offered us.

How important is a romantic OST for K-dramas?

There are K-drama fans who always look forward to the Ost of a K-drama because it adds life to a scene or moment. OST is very different from other solo songs as OST isn’t just a soundtrack, it works as a mood and helps the viewers to connect with the emotions of a certain scene of the drama.

When you feel the romance starts to get boring or the couple is taking too long to be together, that’s when an OST adds a spark to the romantic bond. A simple eye contact scene of the main leads in slow motion with some background music can become so dreamy.

The music plays a great role in setting the mood of the audience in an unexpected moment. You know there’s going to be something steamy or romantic when the background music starts playing. Besides, a drama consists of different themes like Romantic, Heartbreak, Patch up, etc., and there are different OST for different moments which helps the viewers to switch the mood from all lovey-dovey to sad or any other emotion.

Best Romantic OST from K-dramas

K-drama lovers are head over heels for the heart-warming romance scenes between the lead leads and the right music at the right time gives them thousands of butterflies. There are some K-dramas that offer unforgivable soundtracks to the viewers which will remain the best romantic OSTs of all time.

1. Making A Lover – Boys Over Flower

“Making a lover” is a classic favorite song of K-drama lovers who have known K-drama for a long time. The song is sung by the Korean boy band “SS501” and two of the members of the boy band which are Kim Hyun-joong and Yoon Ji-hoo acted in the drama Boys Over Flower. Making a Lover was used as a theme song for the second ending of the drama. The lyrics of the song are all about love and it gives a happy vibe.

“Boys Over Flower” is mainly a love-hate romantic drama that was telecasted in 2009 and since then people still recommend this drama as a must-watch. At first, the main lead bullies the female lead as a new student but later on falls in love with her. Making a Lover OST complimented the drama very well and helped the drama to show the puppy love between the main leads.

2. Stay With Me – Goblin

If we talk about romantic OST and don’t mention the song “Stay with me”, then it would be unacceptable. Stay with me is a romantic song used in the popular drama “Goblin” which is sung by the singers Punch and Chanyeol who is also a member of the well-known K-pop boy band Exo.

The song is soulful and melodious which captured the hearts of millions of K-drama fans all around the world. Whenever you hear the song or even the melody of the song, you’ll instantly think of the drama and that’s how the song connects people with the drama.

Goblin is a fantasy romance drama that is very popular among fans because of its cinematography, soundtracks, cast, etc. Stay with me and Goblin together seemed magical to the audience. When you see the drama scene with the song as the background music, you can feel the vibe of how beautifully they go together.

3. Sweet Night – Itaewon Class

“Sweet Night” is a low-tempo song for the K-drama “Itaewon Class” which is written, produced, composed, and sung by the popular singer Kim Taehyung aka V who is a member of the world-renowned boyband BTS. The song refers to a location called DanBam pub which played an important role in the drama.

This is a very special song as Kim Taehyung composed and sang a song for a drama for the first time and it also made it to the Billboard’s HOT 100 charts. The calming nature of the song goes very well with the drama’s storyline where it shows the feelings of a lost love.

It was first released in the 12th episode of the drama Itaewon class where the lyrics and soft composition really comforted people while watching the drama. The ones who watched the show will definitely agree that the song suited perfectly with the emotions of the episode.

4. Everytime – Descendent Of The Sun

“Everytime” is another song sung by a popular K-pop idol named Chen (A member of EXO) and female singer Punch for the drama “Descendent of the sun” or DOTS. The song received so much love from the YouTube audience and it’s also one of the songs that comes in the list of “Forever Favorite” for many.

The song is about confessing someone’s love which was used in the drama to show the blooming love between the two main leads where they go on dates and spend time together. The song is the perfect combination for the drama with beautiful lyrics, a mood-lifting melody, and two amazing sweet voices.

5. My Destiny – My Love From the Star

“My Destiny” was used as the title track of the K-drama “My Love From the Star” and was a huge hit. The viewers could connect with the storyline of the drama through the melody and emotions of the song. The lyrics itself is very captivating and the overwhelming vocals convey the deep emotions of love.

The K-drama is fully packed with love and fantasy and the song beautifully displays the feelings of the male leads for each other. It conveys how destiny brought them together even after all the ups and downs. This beautiful melody is the perfect theme song to show the bond between the couple in the drama.

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