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5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Korean Series That Are Making a Comeback With Season 2 In 2024.

South Korean television shows have gained enormous popularity and devoted fans who eagerly await the next season or new series. If you’ve ever watched K-dramas, you probably already know this, but in case you haven’t, let me just warn you: “Once you enter the world of K-drama, you won’t be able to come out”. The range of upcoming Korean series includes sci-fi dramas, zombie stories, romances, and other shows that draw in viewers.

In 2024, there are lots of nerve-wracking, exciting, and intense seasons 2 of some of the most popular and hyped K-dramas that are waiting in the queue. Fascinating Upcoming Korean Series that will be released in 2024 include weekly releases from all genres, webtoon adaptations, and prestige web series that are ideal for binge-watching. 

Most Hyped Upcoming Korean Series (Season 2)

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1. Squid Game 2

If you binge-watched Netflix’s Squid Game in 2021 and are still having nightmares, season 2 of the show is almost here, so get ready for some more sleepless nights. Upon its September 2021 release, Squid Game broke across language barriers to become Netflix’s most-watched series ever. It soon rose to the top of Netflix’s “must-see” list in 90 countries.

The upcoming Korean series had it all: a captivating concept, compelling acting, and a plot that only grew darker as it went on. The wonderful news is that Seong Gi-hun, our champion with red hair, will be making a comeback with Squid Game 2. The second season of the show will not be the same as the first one. As viewers are already aware of what to expect, the surprise factor of Squid Game’s initial games cannot be duplicated.

Although the exact date of the next round of death games in Squid Game 2 is unknown, Netflix has revealed who will be competing in the terrifying arena. Squid Game 2’s release date is yet unknown. It looks like we won’t know anything about the following chapter until later in 2024, as the first table went read-only in June 2023.

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2. All Of Us Are Dead 2

All of Us Are Dead season 1, one of Netflix’s most popular Korean series, revolutionized the zombie genre with an engrossing plot that was mostly set in one place. Since the entirety of the webtoon was covered in All of Us Are Dead season 1, season 2 will essentially be an original plot.

The first season of All of Us Are Dead concluded as the comics did, with the city being attacked but most of the main characters surviving. This is how All of Us Are Dead 2 begins. Even though the first season of All of Us Are Dead did not specifically ask for a second part, there are plenty of unexplored plot points that can be covered in the second season.

Netflix renewed All of Us Are Dead for Season 2, guaranteeing the return of the Hyosan High School students. The second chapter of the series is likely to feature the return of several cast members, including Cheong-san, who was seemingly killed in Season 1. This intriguing development adds to the mystery surrounding Cheong-san’s possible return.

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2. Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2

Extraordinary Attorney Woo became one of the most successful Korean TV exports ever when it became one of Netflix’s most-loved series in 2022. According to a source, Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 is being written by the show’s creator and writer, Moon Ji-won.

The popular K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix will return for a second season, much to the delight of its loyal fan base. Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s production company AStory, led by president Lee Sang-baek, announced on August 17, 2022, that the drama will get a second season. It is anticipated that the upcoming Korean series will air in 2024.

The show centers on 27-year-old Woo Young Woo (Park Eun-bin), a lawyer and recent graduate of Seoul National University’s law school. Woo Young Woo has a 164 IQ score, an incredible memory, and a creative thinking style. She also has autism, and the program dispels the myth that those with autism don’t have “social skills” or “emotional intelligence.”

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4. Hellbound 2

The K-drama industry saw another hit after Squid Game from Netflix in 2021 with the dark fantasy drama series “Hellbound”. The week after its premiere, the show surpassed other popular releases including the second season of Tiger King and the animated League of Legends series Arcane to become the most-watched program on the streaming site.

Hellbound is based on the webtoon series of the same name by show director Yeon Sang-ho. It takes place in a world where people who are thought to be guilty of crimes stand before them and pronounce “decrees” about when they will be sent to hell.

Following the success of ‘Hellbound’ Season 1, viewers were left wondering if the series would continue. The suspense ended when Netflix officially announced about Hellbound 2. According to Netflix’s K-Content account, filming for the second season ultimately began in early August 2023.

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5. Weak Hero Class 2

Bullying’s harsh realities have been successfully portrayed in numerous K-dramas. However, the majority of these shows’ victims have had enough. Si-eun (Park Ji-hoon), the main character of Weak Hero Class 1, just couldn’t seem to get a break. Due to his intelligence and thin build, Si-eun was easily targeted by bullies.

Because the K-drama was so successful, viewers demanded updates on Season 2 right away. For the second season of Weak Hero Class, Netflix has acquired exclusive rights. The action K-drama, Weak Hero Class is based on the webtoon Weak Hero from SeoPass, illustrations by Kim Jin Seok. The K-drama’s creator is Han Hee Jun, and Park Hee Dan is directing. The K-drama’s writer is Yoon Min Soo.

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