Popular Non-Korean Male K-pop Idols

Popular Non-Korean Male K-pop Idols Who Are Raising The Bar In The Industry.

There are numerous international fans all around the world and the number is only increasing. Being a non-Korean doesn’t mean you can never dream of becoming a K-pop idol. But it’s never easy to reach that level of success without hard work and continuous try.

There are lots of female non-Korean K-pop idols ruling over the K-pop industry like Lisa from Blackpink, all members of Blackswan, Momo, Sana, Tzuyu, and Mina from Twice, and many more but did you know there are many popular male idols as well who are non-Korean? Here we will talk about some of the popular male K-pop idols who are not from Korea.

1. Jackson Wang – GOT7

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang, the multi-talented K-pop idol is renowned for his talent and personality. Jackson is mainly Chinese who got noticed by a Korean talent agency in 2010 and later on, he pursued his career as a K-pop idol. At first, he debuted as a member of the boy band Got7 under JYP Entertainment, and later on he decided to go as a solo artist.

Jackson received huge popularity as a member of Got7 after the group’s success and also for his amazing talents. Soon enough Jackson was recognized as a favorite both inside and outside of South Korea. Starting from rapping to singing and producing, he proved his talent in every sector.

 Millions of people got head over heels for him because of his appearance and stunning looks. After seeing so much love, Jackson kept on trying different things like starting his own brands and collaborating with other popular brands like Adidas, Armani, Fendi, etc. He amazed people with his modeling skills as well and he proved non-Koreans can also slay as a K-pop idol.

2. Felix – Stray Kids

Jackson Wang 1 1

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Felix is a Korean-Australian whose parents are both Korean but Felix was mainly born and brought up in Australia. Later on, he decided to move to Korea from Australia with the intention of becoming a K-pop Idol. He made a very good choice because it changed his life fully.

He was trained for one year and later on he participated in a survival show called Stray Kids under the Korean Agency JYP Entertainment. After a few ups and downs in the show, Felix finally got selected as a member of the K-pop group Stray Kids. At first, his Korean wasn’t that good as he lived in Australia but with time, he improved a lot.

After becoming a K-pop idol, he became one of the most popular male K-pop idols because of his deep and dual voice. Not only his voice is unique but also he broke the Korean beauty standards with his pretty-looking freckles.

3. Lucas – NCT, WayV


Wong Yuk-hei who is known as Lucas was born in Chinese and later on selected to be a K-pop Idol in a Global audition in Hong Kong. At first, he debuted as a member of the popular boy band NCT and after that, he was also a member of the Chinese sub-unit WayV.

Although, he was doing great as an NCT member but misfortune came upon him after a while. Regarding the cheating scandal of Lucas in 2021, he decided to step away from the group and go on a hiatus. Through his Instagram post, he conveyed the message of leaving NCT so that no one else gets affected by it. The company also released a statement to clear things up. During his hiatus, fans were eager to know whether he would make a comeback or not as he was already very popular among K-pop fans. He joined the supergroup SuperM under SM Entertainment.

Lucas’s stunning visuals, and his rap, dance, and acting skills made people go crazy over him. He has an insane popularity among all over the K-pop industry. Fans were waiting desperately for him to make a comeback and see him rap and dance once again.

4. Huening Kai – TXT

Huening Kai

Huening Kai has a very diverse background; his mother is Korean and his father is German-American who is a singer and TV personality. Huening Kai was born in Germany but later on, he had to keep moving from country to country. From Germany to Australia then China, and finally in South Korea where he started pursuing his career as a K-pop idol.

At first, Kai tried giving auditions in a few music agencies but none of them worked. Huening Kai gave a last try for being a K-pop idol but didn’t succeed in that. But one of the employees there noticed him and later on offered him to audition for Big Hit.

After a long trainee period, Huening Kai debuted as the third member of the boyband TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT). Soon after Huening received so much attention and love from the people because of his diversified skills, his amazing pitch while singing, too good vocal and dancing, and whatnot. All his hard work and never giving up attitude worked for him.

5. Wen Junhui – Seventeen

Wen Junhui

Wen Junhui, professionally known as Jun’s nationality is Chinese and is a lead dancer and sub-vocalist of the boyband Seventeen. Chinese students and young people are really into K-pop idols which is why Jun also got interested in it. He used to be a child actor in China and later on, he moved to Korea to take training.

Jun did many TV serials and even acted in movies since childhood which made him very popular in China and he gained success in his K-pop career as well. Jun also worked on many solo projects where he said new sides of himself to fans and that really left an impact on the fans.

He captivated the hearts of K-pop lovers through his amazing visuals, well-built physique, and of course his acting skills. Fans even want him to act more as his acting skills are something which shouldn’t go in vain. His facial expression really serves fans right and impressed people all over the world. Seventeen itself is a very well-known boyband and Jun made his place in the group as he is a multitalented artist.

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