K-pop Christmas Songs

Popular K-pop Christmas Songs To Add In Your Christmas Playlist.

Christmas is around the corner and there’s nothing better than having a Christmas playlist with a bunch of K-pop Christmas songs which gives a whole festive vibe. At this time of the year, people from different parts of the world tend to celebrate Christmas in their own ways. The atmosphere gives a cheerful and joyful vibe when the Christmas lights glow up in different places.

Many people don’t get to celebrate Christmas like they used to do during their childhood and many don’t even get to spend Christmas with their families. That’s when the music gives them the hope and happiness they want to feel. No matter where a person is, the Christmas songs help them to get flashbacks and feel the warmth. Besides, these songs also provide life to any Christmas party and everyone can actually feel it’s a Christmas party and that’s how important the role Christmas music plays for those who celebrate Christmas.

Popular K-pop Christmas Songs

To celebrate this day, every year many Christmas songs get released and played to brighten up the festive mood. The K-pop industry also has some amazing songs stored for Christmas as Koreans celebrate Christmas beautifully by playing joyful songs.

1. Christmas EveL – Stray Kids

The Christmas song of the boy band Stray Kids, “Christmas EveL” was first released in November of 2021 as the title song of the single album Christmas EveL. The album had two title songs which are Winter falls and Christmas EveL. Prior to the release of the album, Stray Kids was already getting recognition and globally and with this album, their popularity rose higher.

Stray Kids is known for their innovative and creative nature while making songs and for the song Christmas EveL, people might wonder how the boy band makes innovations in a theme like Christmas which generally has some jingle bells, trees, snows, etc. in the lyrics and a festive tune. But Stray Kids again proved their skills and sense of music through the songs as it is not like some ordinary Christmas song.

The group turned a regular traditional festive song into a funky hip-hop song with fun lyrics. The song has a unique and funky concept which received a lot of admiration from the fans for making such an upbeat Christmas song. Along with the song they gifted the fans a music video which also received a huge response with millions of views on social media platforms. If you are looking for an upbeat funky Christmas song then Christmas EveL by Stray Kids is the perfect choice for you.

2. Merry & Happy – Twice

The South Korean girl group “Twice” released the reissue of their first studio album Twicetagram, Merry & Happy in December 2021. Merry & Happy song is a part of the album and it was released on occasion of the Christmas and New Year. Twice is known as one of the hottest K-pop groups of all time both domestically and globally. Twice has gifted amazing songs to the K-pop industry and with this album they again proved that they deserve all the love and popularity.

Through the Christmas song Mery & Happy, Twice tried to express appreciation for the presence of special people during the festive season. We don’t realize the importance of those people who hold a special meaning in our life until it is a holiday season and their appearance fulfills the festival mood. The girl group also pointed out how empty our holidays feel without those people.

The song is such a wholesome and meaningful Christmas song for any festival as talks about not only Christmas but also the emotions and people connected to it. The song starts in a sad tone talking about the person who makes the festive season more lively and ends with happy and cheerful lyrics expressing gratitude towards the person. The song also had a music video featuring all the member of Twice which was liked by their fans a lot.

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3. Miracle – GOT7

“Miracle” is the title track from the album “Present: You” by the boy band GOT7 which was released in September 2018. GOT7 created a masterpiece song Miracle which is one of the most popular and loved K-pop Christmas songs of all time. The song was co-written by some of the members of GOT7 and through the lyrics they expressed their real-life struggles and journey which made the song more meaningful to the fans.

The song Miracle received a lot of admiration from people all around the world as it has very meaningful lyrics and an amazing melody. In the festive season of Christmas, the song can help to feel the warmth of love through this song of GOT7. In the song, they talked about how the power of love can help people to overcome all the hardships and obstacles of their life.

The song not only brings a cheerful mood it also gives encouragement to people so that they can keep moving forward in their hard times. The overwhelming lyric conveys the message that miracles can happen if one can hold onto their hard times and hope for a better future.

4. Beautiful Christmas – Red Velvet and Aespa

“Beautiful Christmas” is a collaboration song by two popular girl groups “Red Velvet” and “Aespa” which was released in December 2022. It is a festive song with cheerful lyrics and an upbeat tune and let people feel the excitement. Red Velvet and Aespa both are top girl groups in the K-pop industry and both produced amazing songs now and Beautiful Christmas is one of them.

The whole song gives a happy and exciting vibe about the Christmas season and talks about the joy people feel during this time which is one of the favorite times of all. The song is simply made to enjoy Christmas with the people you love and cherish the time. It is a song that can be played on any occasion to feel the festive vibe in the beautiful voices of these K-pop idols.

The song was ranked top on the Hot Trending Songs Chart and fans showed a lot of positive responses towards it. A music video was made featuring the song which conveyed the exciting lyrics of the song visually through their cute choreography and happy vibe.

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