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K-pop Idols Slaying As Brand Ambassadors Of Top-tier Brands With Their Captivating Style.

The world has welcomed K-pop and K-pop idols with open arms to be the brand ambassadors of one of the most popular and luxurious brands in the world. Luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Dior are prioritizing K-pop idols over other celebrities to represent their brand which is a great achievement for K-pop itself.

In the last few years, K-pop gained a great amount of popularity through their hard work and skills. When the world got to know about the potential and charisma of K-pop artists, top luxurious brands grabbed the opportunity to have K-pop idols as their brand ambassadors.

K-pop Idols As Brand Ambassadors Of Popular Brands

In this blog, we’ll talk about K-pop idols, their experiences, and their journey of becoming the brand ambassadors of one of the finest brands:

Calvin Klein

Jeon Jungkook: Calvin Klein

The world-renowned American Fashion Brand has recently announced Jeon Jungkook (Member Of BTS) as the brand ambassador of Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear in 2023. Although Korean culture seemed to be a bit reserved and shy about doing bold things, with time they are breaking the stereotypes and Jungkook is a living example.

Jungkook shot black-and-white images wearing body jeans, Calvin Klein logo tee, denim shirt, and oversized denim jacket which were captured by the famous photographer Park Jong-ha. The pictures came out in a seductive and bold way where people could see a new side of the youngest member of BTS.

Jungkook said that he has been a fan of Calvin Klein and shared his excitement about the collaboration. He also stated that Jungkook connected with his fans through music till now and he is excited to show people this new side of him. Fans were actually thrilled and amused to see the new Jungkook and they admired his confidence. Previously, other K-pop idols like Kim Jennie, WonHo, Kazuha, and many more have been the brand ambassadors of Calvin Klein’s campaigns.

Calvin Klein 1

Kim Jennie: Chanel

Kim Jennie, a member of the girl group Blackpink, has been slaying with the luxury brand Chanel for a long time with her aura and glamour. She first joined as the brand ambassador for Chanel in 2017 and since then she has been connected with the brand through different campaigns.

At first, she represented the beauty lines and house fragrances collection but later on, she was moved into the fashion and accessories category as this suit her style more. She has a unique style and fashion sense which makes her distinct from others.

Besides being the face of Chanel, Jennie is also seen joining the brand’s biggest shows, fashion walks, etc. which are held outside of South Korea and she often carries a touch of Chanel’s collection which shows her loyalty to the brand. Chanel always has got top K-pop idols as their brand ambassadors to enhance their brand’s image including NewJeans Minji, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon etc.


Hanni: Armani Beauty

The girl group NewJeans has created history by achieving great success within a short time in the K-pop industry. In this short period of time, the members of NewJeans are representing some of the most luxurious and top brands around the world which is a huge deal itself.

Hanni, one of the members of Newjeans has been chosen as the face of the luxury makeup brand Armani Beauty joining the league with world-renowned stars like Sydney Sweeney, Tessa Thompson, Cate Blanchett, etc.

With her distinct tone and charming looks, she is the perfect one for the makeup brand and people are loving her as the global ambassador for the brand. She always had a great interest in makeup and with her visuals, she looks stunning wearing the beauty products of Armani Beauty.

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Kim Taehyung: Celine

When we talk about slaying as a brand ambassador, Taehyung’s name comes to the top. Kim Taehyung also called V is a member of BTS and the Global brand ambassador of the luxury brand Celine. V has always been on the top priority list for top-tier luxury brands because of her charisma and captivating visuals.

V initiated his collaboration with the fashion brand with three individual magazines where he looked stunning wearing Celine’s outfits. As a result of the Taehyung effect, the website of Celine was flooded with fans to get their hands on the clothes that their favorite wore.

Taehyung has always proved what a heartthrob he is to his fans with visible results. Celine offers a unique collection and the way Taehyung carried out the outfits are commendable. He knows how to style an outfit and slay it with perfect expressions. Besides, V was seen wearing the brand’s outfits for a long time which shows he genuinely likes and admires the fashion brand.


Kai: Gucci

As a fashion enthusiast, Exo’s Kai always had his own style and charisma in the fashion world. It’s no surprise to see Kai as the brand ambassador of one of the most elegant and luxurious brands in the world, Gucci. Even personally, Kai himself is a big Gucci fan for a long and later on he joined the luxury fashion brand as a brand ambassador in 2019.

Kai’s fashion sense is a part of his identity as people know him for his fine dressing sense, stage presence, and the way he presents himself. He is someone who can actually carry the responsibility to showcase a brand like Gucci.

Kai successfully slayed the Gucci runway in the fashion week show with his distinct yet noticeable dressing style. Among big international stars, he was able to capture the attention of all which is a huge deal. It’s been 6 years and Kai has continuously contributed to growing sales of Gucci by representing the brand in his style.


Danielle: Burberry

NewJeans, the girl group that is taking over top luxury brands one after another under their shields. After the two group members Hanni and Hyein entered the world of top brands, now Danielle also followed in their footsteps.

It has been very long since the group debuted as K-pop idols and in this short time, Danielle’s charming and captivating visuals caught the eyes of the luxury fashion house. The girl group’s agency, ADOR first announced Dannille’s collaboration with Burberry and posted her picture holding a designer bag of the luxury brand where she was looking undeniably gorgeous.

After getting huge success in their singing career, world-renowned brands are showing interest in getting their hands on these beautiful and talented girls. As one of the hottest brands, Burberry has chosen its brand ambassadors wonderfully which include Korean star Jun Ji-hyun, Son Heung-min, and of course Danielle.

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