K-pop idols in popular k-dramas as female Protagonists

5 K-pop Idols In Popular Korean Dramas As Female Protagonists.

Numerous female idols from different girl groups have tried their luck in the Korean drama industry and ended up starring in some of the most popular ones. Female idols generally have a very different style and outlook on the stage whereas K-drama actresses have to be completely versatile. Some idols received much more love from the audience as an actress after showing their acting skills. Here we’ll list the name of some K-pop idols who starred in popular K-dramas:

K-pop Idols As Female Protagonists

Lee Hyeri 1

1. Lee Hyeri In “Reply 1988”

Lee Hyeri, a multi-talented girl who has gained popularity in the Korean industry with her natural acting and singing skills. She has created her identity and K-drama lovers from all around the world highly admired her wholeheartedly. Truly speaking, she gained more appreciation and love after joining the Korean drama industry and people started to get to know about her true talents better.

Before getting her footsteps into K-dramas, Lee Hyeri debuted as a member of the girl group called “Girl’s Day” in 2010. But her journey as a K-pop idol didn’t last long because soon after she took her acting career more seriously and since then she has played the role of the main lead in many popular dramas like Reply 1988, My Roommate Is a Gumiho, Two Cops, Moonshine, etc.

The classic family drama, Reply 1988 is one of the biggest masterpieces of K-drama history and people could relate to it so much as the drama showcased a neighborhood story of the era. Lee Hyeri starred in the drama as a middle child of the family who has a group of friends and they create some wholesome, crazy moments together which remind people about their own childhood stories. The relatable story and character of Lee Hyeri is what people liked the most about her in the drama.

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2. Lee Ji-eun (IU) In “Hotel Del Luna”

Lee Ji-eun, mostly known as IU is one of the few people who received love and fame in both her singing and acting career. It’s hard to say if she is a better singer or a better actor as she has proven herself in both fields. She is claimed as the K-pop queen who first debuted solo in 2008 on Mnet M! Countdown with the single “Lost Child”.

IU is a living example of how to be off-limits and have no boundaries when it comes to work. Her story of success has motivated many Idols and actors as well. IU’s first drama was Dream High in 2011 followed by Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, The Producers, Hotel Del Luna, etc. At first, she used to play smaller roles but with time her natural acting skills caught everyone’s eye, and later started playing lead roles in different dramas.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Hotel Del Luna are the two most popular dramas of IU but Hotel Del Luna will still rank one step higher for international fans. The story, the hook moments, and of course the characters of the dark fantasy romantic comedy drama “Hotel Del Luna” were very compelling to the audience.

Kim Sejeong

3. Kim Sejeong In “Business Proposal”

Kim Sejeong, the girl who recently came into the limelight for the drama named “Business Proposal” where she played the role of the female protagonist. She is a former member of the K-pop group Gugudan and the project group I.O.I. After taking a leave from this group, she debuted as a solo K-pop artist.

Kim Sejeong is mostly known for her powerful raspy voice and besides singing, she is someone who can sing, rap, write songs, act, host, and whatnot. She appeared in front of people as a complete package with her beautiful singing, speed rapping with such cute expressions.

The idol-come actress has done quite a few dramas till now but her recent hit series Business Proposal brought her a lot of fame and admiration. Her fierce and wild character in the drama really impressed the audience especially some of her comedy scenes which were all over the internet.

Kim Jisoo

4. Kim Jisoo In “Snowdrop”

If you are a K-pop fan, you must hear the name of Kim Jisoo, the visual queen and the perfect idol. She first debuted in the girl group “Blackpink” in 2016 which is considered one of the most popular girl groups all around the world. Fans call her the “Perfect Idol” because of her beauty and charming personality. Her name also comes at the top of the most searched idol in the United States

Kim Jisoo is not only well known for the girl group she is in but she has also gained popularity and won awards as a soloist. After spending years in the K-pop industry, Jisoo now made a name in the K-drama industry as a lead in the drama named “Snowdrop”.

The romantic black comedy and action drama, Snowdrop got decent ratings in Korea but globally it was a huge hit. Despite its popularity, the drama also received much controversy because of showing some sensitive topics and the drama has a sad ending which was not very likable for some viewers. Even after all the controversy and comments, people really liked the chemistry of the lead couple and admired them together.

Choi Soo young

5. Choi Soo-young In “So I Married An Anti-fan”

The idol actress, Choi Soo-young first debuted in a group named Route θ in Japan and eventually, she debuted as a member of the girl group, Girls’ Generation in 2007. Besides being a part of a girl group, Soo-young also successfully build her solo career by entering the K-drama industry.

Soo-young’s first debut drama was “Unstoppable Marriage” and since then till now she continued playing versatile roles in different dramas for more than 15 years. During these 15 years of experience, she proved her acting skills and how she polished herself during that time.

Choi Soo-young has done different genre dramas like Squad 38, Run On, If You Wish Upon Me, etc., and undoubtedly one of her best dramas is “So I Married An Anti-fan”. The fun part is, she played the exact same role that she has in real life. Yes, she starred as a famous K-pop idol who has a successful career and fans worldwide. The romantic comedy-drama was based on a novel and it was also adapted into a webtoon.

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