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New K-pop Groups Of 2023 To Stan [Unique And Evolved K-pop Groups That Can Become Your Next Favorite].

Thousands of people try to debut in a new K-pop group every year. Not only the popularity is increasing of K-pop but also the number of groups debuting is getting higher. K-pop fans are always looking forward to new K-pop groups to have a new favorite.

K-pop has already set the bar so high in the years that the new groups must include some over-the-top talent to debut. Looking at the debut list of 2023, each and every group has its own charisma and style which has a great future. But some debut groups of 2023 caught K-pop fans’ attention and are potentially going to be the next favorite of many die-hard K-pop fans.

Some unique new K-pop groups of 2023

8turn 1


Your entire fangirling (or fanboying) world will be turned upside down by K-pop’s hotshot rookie group 8TURN—in a positive and exciting way. 8TURN, originally known as B.O.M. (Boys of MNH), is made up of 8 endearing, vocally talented, and talented individuals.

The K-pop group’s first mini-album, 8TURNRISE, was released on January 30, 2023, making them the first K-pop boy group to enter the market this year. The incendiary lead single “TIC TAC” served as the mini album’s opening track, and both fans and industry insiders praised the music video’s inventive and vibrant concept. The CD also includes the songs “WE,” “WONDER,” “Say My Name,” and “Heartache.”

When the group formally debuted and displayed their distinctive style of K-pop, it was an exciting yet enjoyable journey for them. The group is also taking ownership of its reputation for being careless and defying social norms. 8TURN is defying convention with its dress sense in the same way that it is represented in its diverse music and blended genres.

mave 2 1


MAVE appears to be just another K-pop band at first sight but what if I say this group only exists virtually? Yes, you heard it right. The nearly human-like characters in MAVE: give us a sneak preview of what the metaverse will probably look like in the future.

Through its joint venture with South Korean mobile game developer Netmarble, Kakao introduced MAVE in January. Siu, Zena, Tyra, and Marty are the group’s members; they are shown as human-like avatars with realistic-looking facial emotions and movements.

In South Korea, the concept of a virtual band is not new. Adam the virtual singer was developed in 1998. But since then, virtual character creation has evolved thanks to South Korean technology. Thanks to new techniques and artificial intelligence, MAVE looks more realistic. Viewers stated that developers added subtle characteristics to things like hair and facial expressions.

Its members can speak four languages—Korean, English, French, and Bahasa—using an AI voice maker. But they can’t speak on their own and are unable to respond to any queries. They have to use human-prepared language.

But human performers provided the voices for the group’s first song, “Pandora,” as well as the dance in the music video.



X:IN is a rookie Korean girl group that not only has fans in Korea but also in India who is rooting for them. Recently, this group is making headlines in India and Korea both. Do you know why? Let’s find out!

Although the group comes from a small company, Aria, their youngest member, has already begun to draw attention because she is one of the few Indian idols in the K-Pop industry.

So it makes sense that India, a nation bursting at the seams with K-pop and K-drama fans, would be thrilled to have its country represented in Korea’s entertainment sector.

On April 11, 2023, the five-person international ensemble X:IN made its public debut with the song KEEPING THE FIRE. Two of its members (Roa and Chi.U) are Korean, one (E.Sha) is Korean-Australian, one (Nova) is Russian, and one (Aria) is Indian.

The 20-year-old Indian K-pop idol is capturing the world’s attention while the group is drawing notice on its own. She has already garnered numerous headlines in publications all over the world due to the fact that she is the second Indian-born K-pop star.

mave 2 2


The next K-pop group, LimeLight, a three-member female group handled by 143 Entertainment, had its debut in 2023. After their pre-debut in September 2022, the members MiU, Suhye, and Gaeun made their official debut on February 17 with the EP LOVE & HAPPINESS.

The LIMELIGHT pre-debut mini album, with the song “STARLIGHT” as the title track, was published before the group’s official debut, which is the Love & Happiness mini album. Many were surprised by LIMELIGHT’s great sales because their debut wasn’t one of the most talked about of the year.

The girls’ musical talent, concept, and style have without a doubt led to their enormous success. The lineup of the no-limit girl trio LimeLight will expand in the next years.



The last seven contestants from the survival series Dream Maker produced by MLD Entertainment, ABS-CBN, and KAMP Korea are known as HORI7ON. Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston make up the group.

Hori7on was created as an outcome of the audition program “Dream Maker,” which was introduced jointly by the Filipino media corporation ABS-CBN and the Korean agency MLD Entertainment. According to the description, the program is a “collaboration between K-pop and P-pop [Pinoy pop].” Throughout the program, supporters from both Korea and the Philippines could cast their votes.

HORI7ON has now officially approved the fandom name, ANCHOR. During their final official stage in the Philippines before making their debut in South Korea later this year, this turned out to be the best present for their devoted and consistently supportive ANCHOR.



As Ateez, KQ’s first boy band to break into the elite ranks of the fiercely competitive K-pop hierarchy, Xikers, a 10-boys band making its KQ Entertainment debut, has generated enormous enthusiasm prior to its formal debut.

Even before making its debut, Xikers has already been on some notable stages, including KCON 2023 in Thailand and 1theK’s “Countdown Dance” video, thanks to the spotlight shared by Ateez.

According to the agency, the term “Xikers,” which combines the letters “x” and “hikers,” relates to the group’s identity as boys exploring time and space in quest of coordinates. Nine members from Korea — Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Junghoon, Seeun, Yujun, and Yechan — and one from Thailand, Hunter, make up the group.



In the midst of intense media attention, Hybe’s new boy band Boynextdoor made its debut. Hybe is the K-pop powerhouse behind BTS. In around two and a half years, since Enhypen in 2020, Hybe has not produced a male group.

HYBE’s new groups are becoming increasingly well-known while BTS is busy with their military obligations and independent projects.

On April 16, 2023, when it launched its social media accounts, Boynextdoor made its initial announcement. A few days later, images of a vibrant playhouse on the HYBE INSIGHT building sparked the K-pop fandom’s fervor and went viral. It is the first group to make its public debut under KOZ Entertainment, which was founded by Any Song hitmaker ZICO.

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