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Most Used K-drama Storylines Which Can Never Go Out Of Fashion.

One of the main reasons for the craze for K-dramas is the storyline and plot of the K-dramas. The K-drama storylines have such an addictive effect on the audience that once they enter the world of K-drama, they can hardly go back. It helps people to escape from reality and dive into a world of fantasies.

There are some common K-drama storylines that have been overly used in many K-dramas with a few changed plots but overall, the main theme remains the same which people don’t hate at all. The audience loves to watch certain storylines that they can never get tired of and K-dramas manage to present the common storylines in a unique way that forces people to watch. Whether romantic, thriller, or suspense K-drama, every genre has some common storylines that the fans love to watch.

Most Used K-drama Storylines

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1. Cold CEO Falls In Love With Clumsy Employee

When it comes to K-dramas, romantic K-dramas have always taken a special place in the K-drama industry as well as in people’s minds. One of the classic romantic dramas is about the office romance between the CEO and his employee. There are many interesting office romance storylines surrounding office romance but the kind of stories where the middle-class employee and the rich CEO fall in love hit differently.

At the start of these kinds of storylines, the CEO of a big company is presented as an arrogant and cold-natured man who is always very serious about his work. That’s when the new employee who generally has a clumsy or childish personality joins the company and makes the CEO get head over heels for her innocence and honesty. The girl softens the heart of the CEO with time and when they both realize their feelings, they end up together.

Between the love story, there are always some backstories of the two main leads or critical situations regarding the company which the main lead couple solves together. Besides, there’s some family drama as well because of the difference between the status of both males and females. The female lead somehow manages to take the male lead’s family to her side through her honesty.

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2. Life Changing Makeover

This type of storyline has a very strong impact on the audience and indirectly speaks against the social abuses going on in the present world. You must have seen the before and after makeover posters of different K-dramas where the female lead had an unpleasant look at first. She gets bullied and ignored for her looks in society and goes into depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and whatnot.

The girl decides to change her outlook as society is unable to accept her the way she is. Surprisingly when she changes her look and dressing style, everyone starts giving her attention and loving her just because of her looks. But there’s always one boy who likes her because of the way she is, not because of her looks and outfit.

In the end, the lead understands that there’s no point in pleasing society and the most important persons are the ones who actually love you for your true self and stand by you, no matter how you look. This gives a very strong message to society which judges people according to their looks instead of their personality.

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3. Popular High School Boy Falls In Love With The Nerd

The high school era, where people experience their first love or first crush holds a different meaning in their hearts. The high school dramas have always taken the audience on a roller coaster of memories and nostalgic feelings. The freshness and simplicity of this kind of storylines is what attracts people and they want more of it.

The storyline might start with a love-hate relationship between the male and female lead. With time, they come closer as they get to spend a lot of time together for different school work or school occasions. The popular boy tends to be very handsome at whom all the other girls are drooling but he always gives a cold shoulder to everyone, especially the female lead. But when he starts falling for her, he treats her differently from others.

There has to be a heartbreak in high school dramas so the main leads can meet each other after a few years when they both are mature and growing in their lives but their feelings for each other don’t change. After the reunion, they short their misunderstandings out and finally have a happy ending.

They show a long period of the main lead’s life with lots of ups and downs where each of them faces difficult situations individually. The friendships are also put on strongly in the high school dramas and the second lead plays a very special role which makes people sad for him.

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4. Growing Stronger To Take Revenge

The craze for romantic dramas has come along for ages but the new favorite of K-drama fans is none other than brutal revenge dramas. In this era of strong willpower and hunger for justice, revenge dramas are the most satisfying and exciting to watch. Besides, the way the storyline and the characters portray the revenge story so strongly that is able to captivate the minds of people.

K-dramas portray the main lead in a way that the audience can connect with them from the early stage of life. The struggle, family abuse, bullying, failure in love, etc. make the protagonist so helpless that they can’t help but feel miserable. The worst part is, they become unable to do anything because of the lack of power and support which made them endure all the torture silently. K-dramas have shown the worst levels of bullying which seemed brutal and inhuman in some cases.

That’s where the strong will for revenge comes into the protagonist’s mind and they start working on themselves to be as powerful as possible to face any kind of situation. They start gathering information on the person from whom they want to take revenge and plan accordingly. It’s not an easy journey as taking revenge becomes their life’s main motive because they don’t have anything else left in the world. Such impactful K-dramas leave a strong effect in the minds of the audience for a long time.

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