Korean Foods Shown In Korean Drama

5 Popular Korean Foods Shown In Korean Dramas that Every K-drama Fan Should Try At Least Once.

People all around the world have an idea about Korean food even if they are not K-drama fans as Korean food has gained so much popularity worldwide. The amazing part is, that the likeliness and popularity of Korean food among people’s minds and tastebuds is only increasing. There’s an image of Korean food in the mind of people of a savory, sweet, spicy, and hearty meal.

K-drama fans are the ones who escorted all the amazing Korean recipes and street food to the world and people loved them wholeheartedly.  But some Korean foods shown in K-dramas made people crave them and the good news is these Korean dishes are becoming available in many countries all around the world or anyone can simply just make it at home.

Popular Korean Foods From K-dramas

Seaweed Soup 1

1. Seaweed Soup

Seaweed soup is a traditional Korean food that is originally called “Miyeok-guk” and it’s made using dried seaweed. People all around the world celebrate birthdays with cake but it’s unique in Korea as they start their birthdays with seaweed soup. The soup is traditionally cooked and served during celebrations, especially on someone’s birthday. The soup is also very healthy for women after childbirth.

Korean dramas always try to present the series following Korean traditions and rules so that people can get to see and feel the real essence of Korea. Whenever die-hard K-drama fans see someone cooking seaweed soup in the dramas, they instantly start thinking that it’s definitely someone’s birthday.

This Korean food or soup is not only a way to celebrate birthdays, but it also contains many nutritional values. It has a mild taste but it is full of minerals, helps in digestion, and boosts one’s immune system. Thanks to K-dramas, many people all around the world got to know about this healthy and nutritious soup and showed interest in it. As Korean people start their birthdays with seaweed soup, we are also starting this blog with it.

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Seaweed Soup 2

2. Korean Chicken Fry

One of the most delicious-looking food in K-dramas are Korean fried chicken which is called “Chikin” by Korean people. You must have seen the actor or actress from Korean dramas, devouring chicken one after another. Korean fried chicken has been featured in different popular K-dramas like “My Roommate Is a Gumiho” or “Crush Landing On You” where the actor/actress presents Korean fried chicken as a highly lovable meal.

Although we can’t taste the chicken through the skin but the crispy look and crunchy sound of the chicken can make any non-veg viewer want to bite into that chicken. It is undeniable that Korean fried chicken received massive exposure to the whole world after the Korean wave and after the increased popularity of K-dramas and Korean foods.

Basically, fried chicken was first invented in America but later on, Korean food cuisine added their own style to create this masterpiece. The sauce used in Korean fried chicken is the main game changer as they offer sauces of diverse flavors. It can be a combination of soy sauce and sesame or a sweet and spicy flavored sauce and each flavor adds its own kick to the fried chicken.

Seaweed Soup 3

3. Sauna Egg

The slightly brown-colored eggs that you see in K-dramas are called Korean sauna eggs or “Jjimjilbang dalgyal” in Korean. Basically, Korean sauna eggs are used as a side dish, snack, or an easy breakfast. It is called “Sauna” because it’s generally available in saunas or spas in Korea and you must see the dish in a spa scene of a K-drama.

It is not like other normal boiled eggs and it’s not cooked in the same manner. The eggs taste very different than the regular boiled eggs where the egg yolk remains creamy and the white part of the egg gives a roasted flavor.

Although, it looks like a long process to make Korean sauna eggs but it’s really easy to make and all the work is done by a pressure cook or an instant pot. By following the steps of making Korean sauna eggs carefully, anyone can make and enjoy these nutty-flavored brown eggs at home.

Seaweed Soup 4

4. Tteokbokki (Rice Cake)

Tteokbokki or Rice Cakes are a classic and hearty Korean dish that has been featured and shown in many K-dramas till now. It is one of the easiest but most favorite street food for the people in Korea. At first, not many people knew that a dish like this existed and the Korean wave came and people got more interested in Korean foods.

As it’s a street food, you might see the actors and actresses eat tteokbokki in a food stall or a roadside restaurant. The way they express their cravings to have tteokbokki shows how popular and tasty the dish might be. Seeing the red-colored saucy rice cakes, you must figured them to be a very spicy and wholesome dish.

Tteokbokki has a taste mixture of flavors which has a spicy, sweet, and chewy taste. The chewiness comes from the rice flour as tteokbokki or rice cakes are made of rice and the sweet-spicy flavor comes from the gochujang sauce (Korean chili paste). The rice cakes are cooked in the gochujang sauce for a certain amount of time so that the rice cakes can soak up the flavors of the sauce.

Seaweed Soup 6

5. Korean Corndog

Korean corndogs are another dish that seems very delicious and tempting when they see the other person eat it. The main attraction of the corndogs is the cheese pulls which you certainly notice in K-dramas when the actor or actress bites into the corndog.

Corndogs are one of the common street foods found in street markets, street stalls, festivals, etc. People in different countries didn’t really know or hear about Korean corndogs as those weren’t that popular internationally. But after they saw how tempting the street food looked, they all wanted to try it. The best thing is that Korean corndogs are available in different parts of the world thanks to their easy but tasty recipe.

There are various kinds of Korean corndogs available but one main thing that is a must is cheese. A different batter is used for Korean corndogs which helps the outer part to get crunchy and keeps the melted cheese safe inside. The most common varieties of Korean corndogs are sugar-coated corndogs, potato-coated corndogs, plain corndogs, etc and these are served with ketchup and mustard sauces.

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