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NewJeans to become the next biggest girl group surpassing Blackpink behind in 2023.

In this competitive K-pop era, the not-so-old girl group “NewJeans” has taken over the industry through their unique style. NewJeans is a girl group formed under the entertainment industry Hybe which created world-renowned successful groups like BTS and TXT. The girl group consists of 5 members Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

When we talk about the biggest girl groups in the world, the name “Blackpink” comes on top. Blackpink is a 4 members girl group formed under the Korean entertainment agency YG Entertainment. Since its debut in 2016, Blackpink has showered the K-pop industry with huge hits.

Blackpink conquered so much within a short period of time that no one thought any other K-pop girl group would be able to do that. But with the rising sensation of K-pop, the passion and skills of the potential candidates are coming in front of the world

There was a time when Blackpink was unbeatable when it came to Albums or Streams or winning Daesang (Prestigious Awards). In the new era of K-pop, every K-pop group comes with a unique style that shows their potential to become the next big thing.

NewJeans is one of the new but talented groups that has the potential to rule the K-pop industry and beat the biggest groups in the world in charts. It’s not been so long since the girl group entered the K-pop industry and they are already breaking several records which is really admirable.

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When we talk about prestigious platforms, Melon is one of the most well-liked streaming service platforms in South Korea. In their most recent Hits of the Month list for January 2023, we can see the rookie girl group NewJeans taking the entire Top 3 of the chart, with their hits “Hype Boy” in the third place, “OMG” in the second place, and the worldwide phenomenon, “Ditto,” in the top spot, just like that, peerlessly.

With this achievement, the girl group holds the top three slots on the Melon hit lists, making them the first girl group and third group overall to earn this. But when we look at the other bug groups with notable debuts like Blackpink or Twice did not even come closer to this achievement of NewJeans. Should we consider as a win-win situation for NewJeans?

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Since K-pop has achieved recognition all over the world, different old and new girl groups are snatching the limelight through their energetic performances and attractive personalities. With this charming aura and incredible stage appearances, people are getting involved on a global scale.

It doesn’t matter anymore if the group is a 3rd generation of experienced artists or, a 4th generation of newcomers, everyone has their own unique style which the public loves.

The 4-member girl group Blackpink started gaining international fame with the release of their song “Boombayah” in 2016. Their flirtatious aura and strong lines with Black and Pink tones really caught everyone’s attention.

After being on top for years, nowadays we can hear NewJeans’s name when it comes to the biggest girl groups instead of the well-established group Blackpink. Although there were different controversies about the girl group but that couldn’t stop them from rising in popularity.

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About NewJeans and Their Achievements

Even if you haven’t ever heard the name NewJeans then you surely heard one of their upbeat songs on different social media platforms. The girl group entered the K-pop industry with their title track called “Attention” from their debut album “NewJeans”.

From their very first album, they started gaining name and fame from all around the world. Not only the title track, their other tracks from the debut album like “Cookie” and “Hype Boy” gained tremendous response from the audience and the songs did really well on different platforms.

With these achievements, the girl group marked a legendary entry into the K-pop industry. Even after their min-debut album, they kept getting continuous success with their songs. The girl group offered some amazing upbeat songs to K-pop lovers.

If we talk about social media platforms, songs like “OMG” and “Ditto” have been used in many popular videos which shows how much popularity they are getting internationally. In Spotify also they have gained a large number of streams in their songs like Hype Boy, Attention, Ditto, etc.

In the largest streaming platforms, the girl group became the K-pop group with the greatest number with monthly listeners surpassing over 21 million. The solo album of NewJeans even topped the Oricon Charts. Besides, the girl group made it to the top of national and international charts and received prestigious awards.

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The girl group has achieved so much in such a short time through their amazing work as well as their Y2K unique style. They tried to maintain their aesthetic Y2K style by combining denim with something white. After seeing their unique style, fans now try to recreate and bring back the Y2K style era again in trend.

Besides their singing skills and unique style, NewJeans is also popular among people because of its next-door girl vibe. People can connect with them through their simple yet attractive style. The girl group has also collaborated with big fashion brands globally. Some of the renowned and well-established luxury brands have shown interest in the members of NewJeans which is a big achievement in itself.

After seeing how NewJeans has conquered the K-pop industry, it is okay to say that the group has surpassed some of the biggest girl groups in album sales, streaming, views, and even top charts. The girl group has now themselves to defeat as they have already shown their capability to the audience.

In a short period of time, the group has already got a strong fanbase who are ready to support them along the way. The group has the potential to continue its growth in the K-pop industry and gain much bigger achievements in the future.

NewJeans is a proven example that you can achieve anything surpassing the biggest groups to becoming the favorite of the era. Not only in the online world, the girl group has proven themselves in their album sales as well. 

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