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6 Incredibly Cute And Adorable Male K-pop Idols Who Left People In “Awe” With Their Cuteness.

From the fierce look on the stage to being the most adorable human being in real life, male K-pop idols serve their fans right with their facial expressions. It’s not like they try or pretend to be cute, it’s just their cheerful personality that makes people go “Awe” for them.

Who doesn’t like cute things? Especially in South Korea, there’s a huge craze over it and there are also different expressions used to show one’s cuteness like Aegyo (Acting Cute), Pout, Bunny Ear, and many more. K-pop idols shoot different shows, behind the scenes and come live regularly where they get the chance to show their real selves and that’s where people fall in love with their adorable and childish behavior.

1. Park Jimin of BTS

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BTS is well known for being one of the most successful and talented K-pop groups of all time and that’s not it, the group members also hold the title of cuteness. Among them all, Jimin seems to be expressing his cuteness all the time through his adorable pout and Aegyo.

Jimin is named “Mochi” by fans because he looks as soft and sweet just like a mochi (Japanese dessert). Jimin has fair skin with round fluffy cheeks which resembles a mochi a lot. Besides, wherever he goes whether it’s a national or international show everyone adores him a lot.

If you look at his individual or group livestream, you’ll fall in love with his adorable gestures especially when he gets shy. Usually, K-pop idols have long and veiny hands but Jimin’s hands seem a little and his pinky or small finger looks so tiny when compared with his other band members. BTS members tease Jimin because of his tiny hands but at the same time find it very cute.

2. Cha Eun Woo Of Astro

Cha eun woo 1

Cha Eun Woo, a member of ASTRO also a popular Korean actor is often mentioned for his good looks and charming facial features but so many times he mesmerized people with his adorable expressions. He looks a completely different person when he gives his eye smile making him the most adorable human being alive.

Cha Eun Woo’s looks fit perfectly according to the Korean beauty standard so when people admire him for his perfect-looking face, he becomes super shy. In his dramas, he also played some serious yet soft characters where he showcased his cuteness.

Once he needed to act cute in one of his popular dramas named “True Beauty” where he danced adorably for his girlfriend in the drama and that cute little dance left people in awe. His cute movements with an eye smile are all that the fans need to bless their eyes.

3. Choi Soobin of TXT

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The tallest member and leader of the K-pop group “TXT”, Soobin is one of the cutest male K-pop idols of the era. Generally, a leader seems to have a rough and tough image where he is in charge of being the serious one in the group but it is totally different when it comes to TXT.

Soobin loves to give pretty expressions and wink anywhere and anytime. Some fans compare him with a cute animal as his smiley little face often resembles a cute puppy. Besides, Soobin’s dimple plays a huge role in increasing his cuteness 10 times more.

TXT members share a very special bond with each other and also they become a family. The oldest members Yeonjun and the leader Soobin often get into silly fights which is very adorable to watch. Fans even made compilation videos of their little fights.

4. Jungwon of Enhypen


The South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group Enhypen, Jungwon’s visuals are no joke as his every feature stands out. A person with such visuals who has a charismatic smile and adorable personality, people all around the world fell for him.

The way he acts cute while talking and interacting with fans with a smile on his face is really adorable. Besides, the Enhypen members admitted Jungwon is the cutest one among them while sleeping as his cheeks look fluffy and his face fills with so much innocence.

There are many iconic looks of Jungwon that were adored by fans and they even made a bunch of memes using those facial expressions. Fans also claimed Jungwon resembles Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets when he gets mad about something.

5. Kim Mingyu of Seventeen

Kim Mingyu

Seventeen is one of the fastest-growing K-pop boy bands and is popular worldwide but Mingyu’s popularity is insane. People fell in love with his cute little habits and adorable smile. Everything about him is fascinating including his well-built physique and double eyelids

He is a social butterfly who loves to interact with people and the way he holds hands of fans to express his affection is just to die for. He loves to sleep and no matter where he is, he can just fall asleep which is very adorable.

Although, Mingyu likes to clean and keep everything in its place one thing that is unusual is the way he wears his shoes. He often seemed to wear his shoes like a slide which was noticed by fans. His puppy eyes and innocent looks are all that you need in a cute K-pop idol.

6. Min Yoongi Of BTS

Min yoongi

Yes, you saw it right! The songwriter, music producer, and rapper of the K-pop boy group BTS, Min Yoongi aka Suga is one of the cutest human beings you’ll ever meet. Although there are many people who find him too serious and introverted at first when you enter the fandom you’ll just melt at his cuteness and know how shy he is.

The way Suga gets shy when his members show affection towards him is just so adorable. He also has some very cute habits which are noticed by fans like nose scrunches, eye smiles, his little dance steps, the way he sleeps, and many more.

More often he prefers to talk less, especially in interviews he tries to keep his composure and stay calm but when he lets out his inner child, it’s just so fascinating to see. Fans even compare him with a cat because of how he does cute things effortlessly just like a little cute meaw. BTS members as well as fans are very fond of this side of Suga.

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