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Popular Red Velvet Albums To Add In Your Collections In 2024.

Before 2014, when people heard the name Red Velvet, they might think of a creamy red-colored cake but it’s not the same anymore. Now, people know the name Red Velvet as one of the biggest girl groups in the Korean pop industry. The five-member girl group “Red Velvet” debuted in 2014 under the SM Entertainment agency.

Although, the name Red Velvet seems as a representation of a sugary cake but there’s a different sophisticated meaning behind it. The first part of the name “Red” represents the bold and strong side of the girl group and the second part “Velvet” conveys the elegance and classy era that the group holds.

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Popular Red Velvet Albums

Red Velvet has gifted the K-pop industry with some amazing albums and solos that became really popular among fans in just a short period. Some were even added as classic songs for the present and future generations. Although, the girl group has released a lot of albums since their debut but not all of them were their best. Some got immense love from the audience and some saw a downfall. Here, we’ll mention the popular albums of Red Velvet for the fans who want to collect some of the best work in their collection.

1. The Perfect Red Velvet

When it comes to Red Velvet’s albums, The Perfect Red Velvet is undeniably one of their most popular album which fans loved and showered with love. Honestly, not a single track of the album is a disappointment. Although it’s a repackage of the second full album of Red Velvet which was “Perfect Velvet”, it was still able to conquer a good ranking in the K-pop industry.

The Perfect Red Velvet has showcased the Velvety side of the girl group with upbeat tracks especially the title track “Bad Boy” and with strong discography. The concept of the album gives a 90’s vibe and the look of the Red Velvet members went perfectly with the tracks.


The album comes in black and red color cover which is a classic combination that was released in 2018. People loved the velvet side of the girl group in the album which was also visible in their album cover. The album comes with amazing packaging which includes a CD (Containing a total of 12 tracks), Lyric book, Photobook, Photo card, etc. Anyone who likes the red and velvet style of Red Velvet will definitely love The Perfect Red Velvet album as it has such an amazing soundtrack along with a beautiful concept.

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2. Chill Kill (Package Version)

The recently released album “Chill Kill” of Red Velvet is their 3rd studio album which marked another victory for the girl group. The album captured the interest of K-pop fans since its release and was ranked on top of the iTunes charts. The vocals, the track, the dark yet soothing concept everything has captivated the mind of the Red Velvet fans.

It is the kind of album that fans expect from their favorite girl group with such beautiful tracks which will make you obsessed with them after listening to them 2-3 times. The album contains 10 tracks where the title track has the same as the album.


Red Velvet never disappointed the fans with their album packaging and cover as they always tried to offer something new and unique to the fans. The Chill Kill album has such impressive and elegant packaging that fans have fallen in love with it, especially the package version. It looks like an old Chinese novel with a beautiful portrait of each member. The Chill Kill album can be a memorable purchase or gift for anyone who is into K-pop music.

3. The ReVe Festival (Day 1)

The girl group has offered many exciting and exclusive themes to the audience but The ReVe Festival has been one of the craziest and out of the box album of Red Velvet. The ReVe Festival (Day 1) is an extended play and the tenth overall version of Red Velvet albums which was released in 2019 with the title track named “Zimzalabim”. It was named ReVe which came from the name Red Velvet and it also means fantasy in French.

The specialty of this EP is, that it tried to showcase all the other title tracks of Red Velvet from the past through its concepts like Conveyor Belt for Dumb Dumb, The Wolf Head for RBB, Fruity Ferris wheel for Red Flavors, etc. which is clearly visible on the album cover. The ReVe Festival was released as a trilogy and fans assumed that it is a mixture of Red Velvet’s concepts. It was also a prelude to the upcoming musical activities of the girl group.


The album has total 6 tracks including the title track Zimzalabim. As the album showcased the previous track lists of Red Velvet’s albums, the cover itself looks very vibrant and colorful with the yellow background color. Besides, the album comes with a CD with other additional goodies like magic kit, photocard, photobook, etc.

4. Red Velvet Queendom

The 6th mini album, Red Velvet Queendom was considered as a comeback album after a long hiatus of the girl group Red Velvet. After the release of “Psycho” in 2019, the girl group took the longest break and made a comeback with the Queendom album in 2021. The fans were naturally excited for the album as they missed Red Velvet’s songs as a group.

Although, it wasn’t the best album of their career but it did make an impact on the listeners breaking their previous album’s first-week sales record. The craze for the album was visible and understandable as fans were well prepared all this time to buy the comeback album of the girl group after their hiatus. The album came with some decent songs, nothing out of the ordinary and people missed the Red and Velvet touch of the girl group that they have shown in their previous albums but also liked the simplicity of the album at the same time.


The best thing about the Red Velvet Queendom is its outlook and album design. The album comes in a pretty pink color which will catch any K-pop fan’s eyes. The front side looks like the door of a fancy shop and the girl group Velvet members are sitting right in front of the door. The back side also has individual concept photos of each member with their names written beside their pictures. The album has two versions which are the Queens version and the Girls Version.

The album consists of 6 tracks including the title track Queendom. Except for the CD it comes with a good amount of additional things like a photobook, surprise photocard, envelope, postcard, poster, bookmark, and gift card. Fans were really impressed with the packaging of the albums and recommended the album to others as well.

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