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Some Of The Most Hardcore K-pop Fandoms In The Whole K-pop Industry.

K-pop fandoms are well-known for their stanning and loving their desired K-pop groups or idols all around the world. The way they protect and stand by their favorite K-pop group all along is something that needs attention and praise as well. It’s no surprise that they are so popular for liking a group as it’s rare to see such passionate fandom in other entertainment industries.

K-pop groups and K-pop fandoms both seem very dedicated to each other and almost all the fandoms try their level best to make their favorite K-pop group shine. But there are some hardcore passionate fandoms that need to be mentioned and recognized because of how much they adore their idols and with them a bright and successful future.

Most Hardcore K-pop Fandoms

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1. BTS’s Army

The biggest and most powerful fandom BTS Army has changed the face of the whole K-pop industry. The dedication and passion of BTS’s fandom, Army is very well known by people around the world. The K-pop fandom even played a big role in today’s popularity of K-pop as more people got to know about the term K-pop and K-pop idols. If you ever go into a BTS concert, you’ll get to feel the power of the fandom as their concert halls are never empty.

The K-pop fandom showed their power by being together in unity and breaking all the records starting from social media views to making BTS no. 1 in every music chart and voting BTS as much as possible to get them all the Daesang (Grand awards) possible. It is not easy to overtake all the big artists and groups in the global music industry and become the top boy band in the world.

Indeed, BTS has gained such powerful fandom through the continuous efforts and hard work they put into their projects. Another main reason behind this amazing K-pop fandom is the way BTS treats their fans. BTS has always prioritized their fans and given them the credit for their success which made the fans more emotional for them as how pure-minded and down-to-earth people they are.

The Army fandom has become a community that connects with each other and treats each other as a family as they admire the same people. BTS achieved many high positions and prestigious places and got the opportunity to showcase their surreal dancing and singing in places like Grammy. Another amazing thing that the K-pop fandom has done so far is the donations they do regularly for people in need.

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2. EXO’s EXO-L

The official name for the fandom of the K-pop group Exo is “Exo-L” which is made of “Exo” and L for “Love”. The slogan of the K-pop group “We Are One” implies the togetherness of the fans and the band. Exo-L has undoubtedly been one of the biggest fandoms since 2014 and from 2014 to 2018 was the peak point for the band where they gained a large number of fans from different places of the world.

Since the debut of the K-pop group, the fandom Exo-L had to face a lot of ups and downs as there were a few negative incidents but later on things got sorted out and the K-pop fandom Exo-L stood strong with the boy band. Exo is one of the popular K-pop groups that offered some amazing songs and albums to the audience and their fans also supported them throughout their journey.

Exo-L tried their level best to stream their songs and vote for the team to make them win the prestigious awards. The fandom has supported the group in many ways and showed a pure dedication towards it. Although, Exo members have been busy with their solo projects for a while now but yet Exo-L has shown their love and support towards solo projects as well. If the K-pop group comes up with a big comeback with proper advertisement and effort then the fandom Exo-L will once again get back together like a force to support their favorite K-pop group.

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3. TXT’s Moa

Tomorrow X Together or TXT is a sensational K-pop group of the modern age that debuted in 2019 under the same entertainment agency as BTS called Big Hit Entertainment. It has not been long since the group’s debut but in this short period of time, they have achieved a strong position in the K-pop industry and gained a huge fanbase called MOA.

TXT is one of those K-pop groups who stands out in the crowd, even in their trainee period they gained attention and after their debut, they proved they deserve all the attention through their skillful performances and cheerful personality. They named their fandom Moa which is the short form of “Moments Of Alwaysness” which holds the message that TXT wants to stay with their fans and have beautiful moments for a long time.

Moa is the one who has supported TXT all along and today they are in a position where the name TXT is taken among some of the biggest boy bands in the world. The sales of TXT’s albums grew more and more over time and they received immense love and support from Moa throughout their journey. The K-pop fandom Moa is also known as one of the calmest fandom as the TXT fans support their favorite idols without making any chaos or fandom fights.

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4. Stray Kids Stay

The K-pop boy band “Stray Kids” debuted in 2018 through a reality show with the same name under the agency JYP Entertainment. Stray Kids is one of the most successful K-pop groups of this day and they are getting more and more prominent with time.In this short period of time, the group has already crossed a million sales on their album, received prestigious rookie awards, and topped the charts with their amazing songs.

With the increasing popularity of the boy band Stray Kids, the number of fans getting bigger each day. Although, the fandom is very large in size and has some very supportive fans but there are some unpleasant talks about their fandom as well. There were several polls on Twitter about the best and worst K-pop fandoms of all time.

The funny and surprising thing is Stray Kids fandom was determined as the best and also the worst fandom category by K-pop fans. However, the fandom took it very positively and focused on the win as the best K-pop fandom and celebrated it by expressing their happiness through social media platforms.

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