K-dramas Based On Webtoon

Thriller Packed K-dramas Based On Webtoon For Mystery And Thrill Lovers.

The number of K-dramas based on webtoons is only increasing with time and not only romantic K-dramas but also genres like horror, thriller, action, comedy, and many more are getting adapted from some of the popular webtoons.

If we talk about the current time, most demanding and trendy K-dramas are mainly based on webtoons because the viewers love to see their favorite webtoons in K-dramas played by their favorite actors or actresses. The makers know the beauty and value of these K-dramas based on webtoons presented on the screen so they keep doing them for the audience.

Thriller, mystery or horror spooky genres keep the audience engaged and excited to see what is going to happen next, who is the culprit and who is the victim, and what is going to be the end of it! That’s the beauty of thriller K-dramas or webtoons it keeps people from any age group or gender hooked to its plot.

Thriller Packed K-dramas Based On Webtoon

The quality and level of thriller K-dramas are well known to the world as one of the craziest and most well-made dramas all around the world. The way these dramas are getting to another level, they are also adapting webtoons which have the potential to show the depth of its story through the live action to the K-drama fans as well.

Here we collected some of the spine chilling thriller packed K-dramas based on webtoons.

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1. Hellbound

The dark fantasy K-drama “Hellbound” was first seen on the screen as a webtoon written by Choi Gyu-seok and the director is Yeon Sang-ho with the same name. He is also the director of the K-drama adapted from a webtoon and he tried to pull off the storyline and all the horrifying scenes the same as the webtoons.

The storyline is about a new world where sinners will face punishments like hell after getting the prophecy. These prophecies are condemned on certain people within a given time range. There were shown three monsters or creatures who would conduct the duty to give the punishments brutally.

The expressions and characters of the webtoon were drawn very realistically so the director wanted to cast actors who could carry the role with the same facial expressions as the original series. With stunning supernatural scenes and heart-throbbing suspense, Hellbound has undoubtedly gained the popularity of being one of the best K-dramas on Netflix.

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2. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is an apocalyptic horror K-drama that is adapted from the webtoon of the same name illustrated by Hwang Young-chan and written by Kim Carnby. Horror or thriller lovers would be thrilled with the crazy survival scenes and creatures of the drama.

In the drama, a suicidal high school boy moves to an apartment after a tragedy happens in his family. After moving into the new apartment, all sorts of strange things start to happen. The boy along with a group of people from the apartment tries to survive horrible creatures or monsters and it is the normal people who turn into those monsters that reflect their inner self. The making and outlook of the creatures are designed so amazingly that they feel so real.

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3. All Of Us Are Dead

If you are a thriller lover then you can’t deny your fondness for zombie apocalypse dramas where humans turn into zombies when an infectious virus passes through one to another by biting or other body contact. “All of Us Are Dead” is also one of those zombie dramas based on a webtoon by Joo Dong-geun with the same name.

The zombie drama tells the story of a group of high school students who tried to survive in a place full of zombies. There are numerous scary and jumping moments in the whole series so you should prepare yourself before start watching it.

Although the drama portrayed many scary zombie moments but it also maintained an engaging storyline that can keep the viewers hooked. All of us are is one of the top horror or zombie series on Netflix which is recommended by most K-drama lovers as it gives the real taste of a zombie K-drama.

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4. Strangers From Hell

Hell is Other People also known as Strangers from hell is a psychological thriller K-drama adapted from a webtoon by Kim Yong-ki. The psychological thriller is the favorite genre for any mystery and thrill most of the time as it keeps you on your toes the whole time.

Strangers from hell tells the story of a young man who goes to live at a cheap studio because of the lack of money. After a while, he feels abnormal occurrences happening and the people there also seem strange to him. But even though all the incidents he decided to tolerate it and stay at that creepy place as he was low on money.

There are full of spine-chilling moments in the drama that can make the viewers worried for the male lead. Especially, the facial expressions and acting skills of the cast took the drama to another level. It’s a must-watch if you like spooky dramas.

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5. Duty After School

Duty after school is another sci-fi action thriller K-drama adapted from a webtoon by Ha Il-kwon. One thing that K-dramas are really good at is making zombies, aliens, or, creature dramas which never disappoint the audience.

The newly released drama shows the situation when a sudden misfortune occurs in the world. There are some strange cells that suddenly come on earth and start spreading all around. These dangerous creatures start attacking everywhere so some high school students get forced to join the military to fight those creatures.

The state offered the students that they would get extra CSAT scores if they joined the military to help. The students were already very worried about their exams coming in and when they got the offer, they couldn’t but agree to it. It also shows another side of how serious the students of South Korea are about the scores that they even agreed to do such dangerous work just for the sake of some extra points.

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