Twice in Billboard Women In Music awards

Twice Being The Spotlight of Billboard Women In Music Awards 2023 With Their Red Carpet Look And Moonlight Sunrise Performance.

Prestigious award shows like Billboard Women in Music Awards honor the music industry and music artists by offering them the recognition they deserve. When we talk about music or music-related award shows, the name K-pop comes along with it. At present, male and female K-pop groups have taken the world under their spell. Twice is one of the female K-pop groups that is making a difference through their strong position in the industry.

The 2023 edition of the Billboard Women in Music Awards took place on 1st March and was a record-breaking hit with the biggest and brightest stars of the music industry. The award show is all about the powerful women of music in the present world where they are truly making a difference to the music industry as well as in the community.

Everything about this year’s Billboard Music Awards is extravagant starting from the red carpet to the amazing performances. Stars like Victoria Monet, Erika Jayne, and Heidi Klum entered the red carpet before the show started.

This year’s honorees were SZA whose mother and father were there and very proud of their daughter, Becky G, the Billboard Woman of the Year who performed as well, the Visionary Award holder Lana Del Rey expressed her happiness, Kim Petras who won the Chartbreaker Award and performed as well and the Powerhouse Awards holder Latto.

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Many memorable moments took place on the big day. The Rising Star Award winner performed and made the audience crazy with her energetic performance, Ivy Queen received the Icon Award with Bad Bunny’s surprise appearance, the rule breaker Lainey Wilson was there, and the Bose Producer of the Year Award went to Rosalia who also performed in the event, the CEO of Epic Records received the Executive of the Year Award.

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Many female artists were recognized for their talent and work in the music industry all over the world. The night was shining with the presence of such shining and rising stars. The announcement of the prestigious awards was definitely a memorable moment for the artists as well as audiences. But the energetic performances of some top artists were also one of the most exciting and awaited parts of the show.

Among all the glamorous artists and energetic performances, the K-pop girl group Twice shined out through their amazing performance in “Moonlight Sunrise”. Twice also received the Breakthrough Award at the event.

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Twice Moonlight Sunrise Performance

The limelight of the whole Billboard Women in Music event 2023 at the YouTube Theater was the performance of Moonlight Sunrise by Twice. The images of each performer were flashing on the screens as their performance began. Twice fans known as, ONCE were screaming their lungs out seeing the flawless choreography of Twice members in the beautiful set and the K-pop trio slayed together wearing similar black attire.

There was no better sight than the crowd cheering up for their idols in the YouTube Theater. It was clearly seen how much the fans appreciate and love the nine-member girl group. Even when the host Quinta Brunson cracked a joke and whispered Twice, fans started screaming in the Billboard Music Awards.

The girl group also received the Breakthrough Award from the hands of Sabrina Carpenter who is also a true ONCE. She expressed her happiness about Twice being acknowledged through the award and she also said that she is a big stan of Twice. The “Nonsense” singer also admired their talent and hoped that they get more exposure to the world through this award.

The rapper of the group, Chaeyoung held the award and presented her speech first after the group stepped on the stage to take the award. She said that it’s a great way to start their year by being recognized as a Breakout Artist and the award shows that if one pushes for their dream, people will support them being their team.

She also talked about the trust they share in each other by being on each other’s sides and moving forward together. She added that the moment was very special as all 9 members were together in front of the people who helped them achieve their dreams.

Tzuyu also expressed her gratitude by saying that the award will push them forward to challenge themselves to break the barriers. Before the Billboard Women in Music Awards started, Twice talked about their growing fame internationally despite having a language barrier in a interview. Jinyo remarked on the statement that she thinks their songs carry the colors of Twice which is more impactful than the language the song was sung.

Chaeyoung stated that the composers know about the characteristics and strengths of each member and they create the song according to that and it builds their own style and conveys their distinctive personalities well. Twice is surely aiming for a brighter future even though they have already earned Billboard’s Breakthrough Award and they also appear in the list of Top 100.

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The Impact of Twice At Billboard Women In Music

The nine-member K-pop girl group has astounded ONCE with their elegant red carpet attire where each and every member looked stunning and also stepped on the stage to get the award as the first K-pop group to do so. Many expected that Twice would have a great impact on the audience on the event but many didn’t expect this great response.

The group’s popularity and worldwide influence were proved every time they entered the stage or were mentioned or any member was shown on the screen. The tremendous response and attention to Twice were quickly noticed by everyone and the host even mentioned it to see the “Twice effect”.

It was clear that Twice was the star of the show because whenever the camera zoomed on the faces of one of the members, the whole theatre echoed with screams. The other big music artists also acknowledged the girl group and admired their stunning performance on Moonlight Sunrise. Twice really made their fans proud by showing they are influencing people globally with their talent and charm.

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