Best Things To Do As A K-pop Stan

Best Things To Do As A K-pop Stan To Make Your Favorite K-pop Group Shine.

Calling yourself a K-pop stan is easy and it doesn’t take an official certificate to claim the title. That title also comes with some unspoken to-do list that one should do for the K-pop group they like. But That doesn’t mean someone should spend most of their time watching a K-pop group as it’s just for entertainment purposes. Your study or work or, any other important things in life come first and you definitely should prioritize them.

If you decide to stan a particular group or you start liking them then there are a lot of things that you can do to help them achieve more success and popularity all around the world. In this article, we will talk about some important factors that you can do for your favorite and some factors that you definitely shouldn’t do as a healthy K-pop Stan.

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What makes people stan a K-pop group?

When do you understand or feel that you started liking a group? Well, it generally starts simply,

  • At first, you watch any of the content of a K-pop group accidentally and it catches your attention.
  • Later on, you watch their MV’s and learn more about the K-pop group members.
  • You listen to their more meaningful songs and start feeling connected with them.
  • You research about them and discover more videos like their funny compilations, different shows featuring them, interviews, and many more.

That’s how you slowly enter the world of K-pop and you find your favorite K-pop group you can’t go back. You tend to know more and like more about the members and with time, you feel very connected with the members and follow their social media platforms, see their lives, etc.

Things a K-pop stan should do

Being a K-pop stan is such a wholesome feeling and you feel like there are some people who really work hard so that they can give you a good time. In return, K-pop stans should also do some minor things that can be a huge help to make their favorite K-pop group shine.

You might think, there’s nothing big you can do for the K-pop group you stan but that’s totally wrong. Fans are the ones who are the biggest treasure for the K-pop group. The strongest the fans are, the bigger and popular the K-pop group gets. Some major factors that you can do for your favorite group without investing much time is given below:

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1. Stream

Every K-pop stan keeps looking forward to the comeback of K-pop groups which means when their new album or songs come out. That’s when you need to stream their songs on different platforms like YouTube and Spotify. The main motive for streaming is exposing their songs to more audiences and helping them reach the milestones that they deserve.

Many people keep streaming all day long with multiple devices and set different goals to achieve. But you don’t have to leave everything and stream all day. You can just make good use of your free time by streaming. But before streaming you must know the basic rules of streaming otherwise if you keep streaming one song again and again then the platform counts you as a bot.

2. Vote

Voting is a very important process for K-pop idols because that keeps them motivated and claims them as one of the best groups of that time. Voting is something that fans participate so that they can show the power of the fandom and how much the K-pop group is loved.

Every year, so many big and small award shows take place nationally and internationally where hundreds of K-pop groups participate. There are also many awards in different categories and different nominees for the awards. Fans vote online to their favorite group following the rules of voting. It’s not mandatory to vote as a K-pop stan but to make your desired K-pop group shine, you can vote and make them win.

3. Spread positivity

As a part of a fandom, spreading positivity is very essential to show positive energy towards the whole K-pop industry. There are many ways to show your support positively through online and offline. The K-pop group members might see your positive message and feel loved. Encourage. Not only the group members but also the people around you will get a positive message about K-pop.

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4. Purchase official album and merch

Many K-pop stan has their own collection of K-pop merch and many desire to buy merch of different K-pop groups. This is for those who are willing to buy merch to have them in their collection. If you want to get merch then buy the official merch. In that way, your favorite K-pop group benefited from your purchase and also, it’s a way to show your support towards them.

5. Charity

K-pop fandom is known for their significant acts and that includes how they donate to charity in the name of different K-pop idols or K-pop groups. It’s such amazing and inspirational work to do which helps people in need and also lets other people know how amazing K-pop stans can be. If you can, you can participate in the donation projects done by different K-pop fandoms all around the world.

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Things a K-pop stan shouldn’t do

As a K-pop stan, there are numerous things you can do to give your favorite K-pop idol or K-pop group an exposure around the world. But there are certain things that every K-pop stan should abstain from. Some of the major factors are mentioned below:

1. Spending too much time to stan K-pop

People of different ages stan K-pop groups and everyone has important things to do in life like study or work. No one should spend way too much time on K-pop which can be harmful to your study or day-to-day work.

2. Abstain from fan war

If you like a certain K-pop group that doesn’t mean you have to hate or dislike other groups. Creating fan wars with other fandoms will only have a negative impact on the fandom and the K-pop group. Support your preferred K-pop groups and let others do the same.

3. Ignore arguing with haters

Try to ignore arguing with K-pop haters as much as possible because no matter what you explain or what you say they will never support or understand your choice. So the best response to the haters is to ignore them.

4. Don’t spread rumors

Every now and then, there are rumors about K-pop idols regarding their dating life and personal life. If you respect someone you should respect their privacy as well. It’s best not to care about the rumors and let the idols do whatever makes them happy unless it’s a crime because, at the end of the day, they are human beings too. Sharing the rumored news is also a part of exposing it to more people so refrain from doing so.

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