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Twice Winning Milestones In The US In 2023 With Their Best-selling Album “Ready To Be”.

The South Korean girl group TWICE has reached a notable K-pop milestone by selling 1 million copies of their “Ready To Be” Album in the United States (US). The first girl group to earn this achievement is them. Sales in both the physical and digital platforms are included. BTS, TXT, and Stray Kids are the other K-Pop artists who have reached this milestone so far.

TWICE already created K-pop history earlier this year when their mini album, “Ready To Be,” had the greatest US sales week of any Female K-pop artist to date. This album went on to become their longest-charting album to date on the Billboard 200.

On the North American leg of their “READY TO BE” world tour, TWICE will make history. TWICE made history by becoming the first female band in the country to sell out both MetLife Stadium and SoFi Stadium in the US itself.

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Who are Twice?

If we talk about Twice and their journey, they have come a long way since their debut in 2015. From the very beginning, they had the potential to rule over the entertainment world. Their successful journey started with Billboard Women in Music Event, positioning in different prestigious charts.

There are nine members of the girl group: Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. The group has achieved success in their career, as seen by recent honors from the Billboard Women in Music Awards and high-charting albums, extended plays, and single releases.

JYP Entertainment is in charge of managing this well-known K-Pop female group. When J.Y. Park, the company’s founder, announced the group he intended to form on the reality program “Sixteen” in 2015, he came up with the name Twice.

The concept that the group would be able to captivate their audience twice, once via their music and again through their visuals—led to the choice of the name. The name of the group, according to Park, refers to their ability to “move people twice” with both their inner and visual appeal.

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Twice’s popularity in the US

Twice is undoubtedly one of the most popular and loved K-pop girl groups in the United States. Top charts and top sales say it all about how big and strong their fanbase is in the States. Honestly speaking, it’s quite difficult for a Korean group to be this well-known in an English-speaking country like the United States.

So, how Twice managed to get such massive success in the United States? Well, there are no specific reasons yet but in my point of view, Twice’s performances in the US award shows and their captivating music was one of the major reasons.

Seeing the sales of their albums, Twice definitely got themselves a dedicated fanbase from the US who could relate to their music and style. Some of their songs are very fun and engaging for the young generation whereas some of them have very deep meanings.

Twice performed in a lot of awards shows including Billboard Awards too and many of the fans discovered them through their performances and tours in the country.

Twice has some English songs included in their album like Moonlight Sunrise, The Feels, More & More, etc. which happens to be quite popular in the US because people could understand the lyrics more easily without looking at the subtitles.

According to the phase of popularity Twice is getting, it’s not far away when Twice will be the most popular girl group in the US and in other countries too.

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“Ready To Be” the best-selling K-pop girl group album in the US

Sources say that “READY TO BE” had the biggest week ever for a K-pop girl group for the week ending March 16 with a total of 153,000 Equivalent Album units sold. The album scored a total of 7,000 Streaming Equivalent Album (SEA) units and 145,500 traditional album sales, making a new record for female K-pop acts.

This equates to 10.28 million on-demand audio streams during the week. In its first week, the micro album sold 500 Track Equivalent Albums (TEA).

Features: The album is one of the biggest checkmates of Twice of 2023 and it’s already getting popularity all around the world. Moonlight Sunrise song from the album gained immense love and popularity from their fans as the song is in the English language.

The other songs on the album are Got The Thrills, Wallflower, Crazy Stupid Love, Set Me Free, and Blame It On Me. The songs of this album have achieved individual awards on different platforms.

If we talk about the album, there are a total of three versions of the album which include Ready version, To version, and Be version. The albums include a CD, Photobook, Poster, Photocards, 1 Special photo card, etc (1 out of 9 members). The photocards and pictures seem to be very captivating for the fans of Twice and the album is a must-have item to their Collection.

Following “MORE & MORE”, “Eyes wide open,” “Taste of Love,” “Formula of Love: O+T=3,” and “BETWEEN 1&2,” “READY TO BE” has become TWICE’s sixth overall appearance on the chart. No other female K-pop act has been made more than four times in the list as of right now.

Twice successful tours in the US

When it comes to tours and concerts in the United States, Twice again made history by being the first female group to perform and sell out all the tickets of the famous Sofi stadium and MetLife stadium. Their performances amazed the US audience because of their new edgy side with Ready To Be.

It seems like Twice decided to give their all out with the concerts this time and connected with the audience with their whole heart. Every single member takes their time on the stage to leave their mark. The way they give full energy to their dance moves and sings both Korean and English songs of their on the stage.

People seem to enjoy this edgy side of Twice and expect to see more of it in the future. The US audience is now looking forward to the upcoming tour and concert. As the 5th World Tour ‘Ready To Be’ of Twice is going on, let’s see how many more hearts they captivate this time with their Stunning Visuals and appearances on the stage.

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