Best Selling K-pop Albums

Best Selling K-pop Albums Of All Time (Boy Band Edition).

K-pop albums have evolved and achieved the success that they deserve because of their top-notch music quality, amazing composition, beautiful lyrics that people can connect with, and of course the trained skillful artists. The way K-pop music artists pull off the high notes and sing with such a beautiful tone of voice, despite having the language barrier, they connect with the listener through their music.

Besides the song quality and composition, the K-pop albums come in such an attractive way that each and every K-pop fan dreams of owning at least a few K-pop albums to add to their collection. The albums come with surprise photocards, photobooks, signed stickers, messages from the K-pop group, and whatnot.

Best Selling K-pop Albums

All the impressive songs and talented artists made K-pop albums so popular and in demand among K-pop fans all around the world. In this blog, we will get to know about some of the chart-topping, hidden milestones of K-pop for those who crave to listen to some quality music.

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1. Proof – BTS

When we talk about K-pop, the first boy band that comes to our mind is the legendary BTS which is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful groups of all time. They also gifted some of the top-class albums to the music industry with record-breaking sales.

The last album of BTS before their hiatus is called “Proof” which was released on their 9th anniversary and where they celebrated remembering their whole career journey and yet they are hopeful for an upcoming future. 

The specialty of Proof album is, that it didn’t only include new songs but also added some of the hit songs and solo/ subunit songs of their whole career carefully chosen by the members. Some of their legendary songs like No More Dream, Boy In Luv, Danger, and many more were included in the album.

The album also released some new impactful songs like “Yet To Come”, “Run BTS”, “For Youth”, etc, which were also huge hits thanks to the amazing composition, deep lyrics, and catchy tunes. Every song told a different story which is why the album got amazing sales with over 2 million copies in just 24 hours.

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2. Map Of The Soul 7 – BTS

Map of the soul is another masterpiece creation of the boy group BTS which is also the best-selling album of all time. Every BTS fan would like to have this album in their collection as the album has so much meaning and depth to it.

The album comes with 20 tracks which include hit songs like ON which was an instant hit after it’s release with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, Black Swan, Boy With Luv, Make It Right, etc. which comes on the list of some of the greatest songs that BTS has offered to the world and to the K-pop music industry. The map of the soul era will always be a memorable era as it is one of the highest points of BTS’s journey.

Map of the soul album tells the story of BTS’s past seven-year journey since their debut and how they faced many obstacles while reaching the place they are today. Their struggles, their ups and downs, and the scars are actually what made them their real selves. After giving hit after hit album, map of soul 7 surpassed all the past records and received the highest sales of the year, and atop the Billboard 200 with their sales.

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3. Sticker – NCT

NCT, the South Korean boy band is hyped because of their amazing singing skills, vocal and rap quality, versatility, and of course impactful performance. They have gained notable popularity internationally which is visible through their album sales.

The third studio album, Sticker by NCT was released in 2021 which broke their own sales record with more than a double million sales in just a week after the release. The album quickly became a huge hit among K-pop fans and topped the charts in overseas countries.

As we know, NCT is well known for its versatility and the mixture of genres in the album Sticker is a proven example. The album has songs in different genres including hip-hop, pop, and R&B. Besides the songs, one thing that stands out in the album is its vocal performance and beautiful tones which keep hitting you on. It also comes with unique packaging including posters, stickers, photo cards, etc.

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4. Face The Sun – Seventeen

When we talk about the top K-pop boybands, Seventeen’s name comes easily as they are dominating the K-pop industry with their amazing music style. Face the sun is one of the studio albums of Seventeen which was released in 2022 and broke their previous sales record.

The studio album has 9 tracks including the lead single “Hot” and pre-released song “Darl+ing” and the album offers a mixture of genres like R&B, electronic dance, and pop. There are upbeat and catchy songs with hook dance that make anyone want to dance to the song.

The concept behind the album is basically telling people that Seventeen’s realm has come and it’s going to expand in the K-pop industry which will bring a radiating energy. Through the word “Sun” it wanted to express the way the sun has a powerful impact on the world, people can also come out from their fears and shine like the sun if they bring out the best of themselves.

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5. Maxident – Stray Kids

The K-pop boyband group “Stray Kids” is one of the best-selling artists in the K-pop industry. It has offered fans one after another hit albums and one of its successful albums is Maxident which was released in October 2022.

The album received more than 2 million sales in the first month and was the top-charting album in the month of release. The album consists of 8 tracks and for the first time Stray Kids came with a theme of love through the album. The album has a total of three versions and comes with a CD, a Photobook, a Photo pack with a love letter, an exclusive poster, stickers, and many other exciting elements.

The word Maxident is combined with max or maximum and accident or incident which indicates the emotions of love which is like a sudden unexpected incident but to the fullest. All the tracks express different emotions of love and its complexity.

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