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Most Demanding BTS Hoodies, Color Printed Multiple Design Hoodies To Choose From.

BTS is one of the biggest groups in the field of music. People are always looking forward to their upcoming new official merch and albums. So, it’s generally hard to get the official merch from the official site. In this article, this problem will be solved and you can get to know about some good-designed BTS hoodies.

K-pop has spread all over the world like wildfire because of the distinctive style that it offers.  The new creative style of K-pop, its alluring dance, amazingly composed songs, good production quality, and of course the talented and hard-working South Korean performers who spend years of their lives practicing and making themselves as good as possible in dancing, singing, and other skills that the industry demands.

Bangtan Sonyeondan known as BTS is one of the most popular South Korean boybands who have achieved immense success after debuting in 2013. Their biggest achievement is the strong fandom they have earned through working hard for years.

BTS is very well-liked by people all around the world and their committed fanbase is called Army which means “Adorable Representative MC for Youth”. The group has set records worldwide on different platforms, like YouTube or any other social media, and their records in selling their albums are quite unbeatable.

International fans or young fans can’t always afford to buy albums immediately. But every die-hard fan wants to have something related to BTS like BTS hoodies, BTS-inspired clothes, BT21 plushies, etc. Among all the options, a BTS hoodie is something that every fan likes to wear and show others without saying that I am a BTS Army.

Most Demanding BTS Hoodies To Choose From

There are numerous styles and designs available for BTS hoodies and it’s tough to choose which one will suit you the best. Here we will talk about some of the most trendy and cool designed BTS hoodies which can help you to choose according to your taste. There are numerous offline and online shops that sell these collections in different designs and colors.

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1. Jimin “WITH YOU” Purple Hoodie

BTS released an artist-made collection where each member of the boyband BTS has made a distinct product. Every member chose different items for their fandom Army which will hold a special meaning. Jimin, one of the members of BTS decided to go for a purple hoodie which will be called “With You”.

Jimin wanted to make his fans feel that they will never walk alone with the hoodie on which will remind them of him. With the “With You” purple hoodies, you’ll never have to walk alone. Even on the backside of the hoodie, it’s written: “Never Walk Alone”.

On the front side of the hoodie, it’s written, “You” whereas on the upper side of the hood, it’s written “Seven With You” which indicates the 7 members of BTS. When you look at the tip of the string there is written “13” which is the birth date of Jimin. The simple purple color hoodie holds a lot of meaning for the fandom because of the little initiatives.

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2. BTS Letter Printed Hoodie

One of the most common BTS hoodies is a letter-printed hoodie where different words related to BTS are used. There are numerous hoodies from bland to colorful BTS hoodies where letters are used like BTS and the name of each member.

BTS is made of 7 members so there are hoodies with the names of individual members or with the names of 7 members altogether. Some fans choose their bias or bias wreckers from the group they stan. So, if you have a certain bias then you can go with the hoodie with their name or, if you are OT7 then you can go for the one with the 7 member’s printed name.

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3. BTS Album Inspired Hoodie

Whenever BTS makes a comeback with a new album, everyone gets super excited about it. During the time of a comeback, all they talk about is the album. Fans are really crazy when it comes to the release of an album and they celebrate it like a festival.

That’s when BTS album-inspired hoodies come where the logo or the name of the album will be printed on the hoodie. Many fans wear those hoodies to showcase their love and support for their favorite group.

It’s not necessary that fans always look for hoodies that are inspired by the recent albums of BTS> They also look for some of their forever favorite album-inspired hoodies that have a special place in their heart. There’s always that one album that can never go out of date for fans.

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4. BTS Logo Printed Hoodie

Every K-pop group has a certain logo that represents the group wholly and such logos help K-pop bands to hold brand identity. It is a symbol for K-pop groups and their fans to connect with. BTS has two beautiful logo designs one for themselves and one which represents their fans, Army. 

The beauty of the modern logo of BTS is, that it combines perfectly with the logo of the Army. The logo of BTS tells a story where 2 trapezoids show a door that looks like it’s opening from the inside and the Army logo is two opposite trapezoids which means that the Army is waiting for BTS in the door.

Both of the logos together make a shield that really holds a very deep meaning. There are numerous BTS logos, Army logos, or BTS and Army logo hoodies available. Those who want to showcase beautiful yet meaningful logos can go for it.

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5. BTS BT21 Hoodie

Last but not least, BT21 character hoodies consist of 8 beautifully made cartoon characters by BTS.  BT21 is the combination of BTS and BT21 and BTS designed these characters with Line Friends. BT21 characters TATA, COOKY, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, KOYA, and CHIMMY represent the 7 members of BTS, and the 8th character VAN was made to represent the fandom, Army.

There are hoodies where 1 or more than 1 or all the 8 BT21 characters are printed. You can choose the BT21 characters that your bias designed or you can go for the all-in-one design. All the BT21 character hoodies are generally very colorful and beautiful to look at.

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