Suga crying in his d-day tour before military service

BTS’s Suga Cried His Heart Out In His Last Stage Performance Before Joining The Military Service.

Suga, the talented rapper of BTS burst into tears in his last stage performance of the D-day tour. Thousands of BTS Army witnessed the moment and cried with him in his emotional roller coaster-packed concert.

Min Yoongi aka Suga is a Korean songwriter, rapper, and music producer who ended his one-month-long solo “D-DAY: The Final” tour with a three-night event in Seoul, South Korea. The concert was going well with fans screaming and enjoying Suga’s heartfelt voice but he teared up in the three emotional songs Snooze, Dear My Friend, and Amygdala.

“Snooze” was a song dedicated to the late composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and while singing this song the K-pop idol started to get emotional. It was hard for him to sing these sad songs while crying so intensely which made him choke and stop singing several times as the tears rolled down his face.

After Snooze, Suga sang “Dear My Friend” from his album D-2 which was about one of his friends who got into addiction and Suga visited him in prison several times as well. Fans didn’t expect him to finish the song and sing “Amygdala”, the last song in this emotional breakdown situation. But he continued singing the last song without taking a break.

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Amygdala song is about a depressive situation where Suga expressed his shoulder injury journey, his father’s liver cancer diagnosis, and also the time when his mother had heart surgery. The song itself was very hard for him to sing and on top of that his parents were present right there in the concert.

Suga was gasping for air while singing and crying simultaneously with his long-wet hair wavering at his face. The atmosphere, the ambiance, and the vibe made everyone present in the stadium cry along with him. The stadium was echoing with the name “Min Yoongi” to cheer him up in this situation. Not only the stadium fans but the international fans watching him crying online also had a hard time seeing Suga in this heartbreaking state.

People thought Suga was getting this emotional as it is the last stage performance of his D-day tour but this wasn’t the only reason. This was going to be the last concert for Suga before his military service and he didn’t know next when he will be able to sing his heart out like this in front of thousands of Army. The thought of this made Yoongi so emotional and fans got to know about the news after the concert ended.

Although the whole situation gave a sad vibe but the concert ended in an uplifting mood. After the concert ended, Hybe announced that Suga has initiated the process of his mandatory military service and soon he is going to serve the country. Yoongi also came in live to ensure Army that he was okay and people shouldn’t get worried about him.

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BTS members in the D-day

The whole three-day long D-day concert of Suga in the iconic KSPO Dome in Seoul was full of surprises for millions of Army all around the world. The Army in the venue came to see Suga but got to see other BTS members as a bonus and the Armys streaming online was also flustered by their appearances.

On the first two days of the show, Jungkook and Jimin accompanied Suga on the stage to perform with him and also in their solo tracks. Jungkook and Jimin performed their hot solo songs Seven and Like Crazy in the concert which was recently released and fans went crazy over it.

Suga seemed very proud of his band members and greet them happily which will be a memorable day for both the fans and BTS members. Short clips of Jimin and Suga performing together went viral over the internet and Jungkook’s solo performance also received a lot of positive response.

After Jungkook and Jimin’s appearances, another big surprise was waiting for fans on the last day of the D-day show. Jin and J-hope, the two BTS members who were in the military came to surprise Suga after taking a day off to support their band member in his last stage performance. Suga was very pleased to see his fellow members and thanked them, especially for attending the concert.

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Suga became the 3rd BTS member to join the mandatory military service

As a citizen of South Korea, all men have to go for military service for 18 months before they turn 28. When it came to BTS, there was a long debate about their schedule of going for the military. Many fans wanted them not to go into the military as their popularity and demand were huge among people all around the world.

After considering the situation, the Government changed the joining age for BTS to 30. As Seokjin, the oldest member of BTS turned 30 in 2022, he had no choice but to join the military leaving the group on hiatus.

BTS members and their company Hybe promised Army that, after finishing all of the member’s mandatory duties in the military, BTS will return as a team in 2025 altogether, and till then they will offer solo activities and solo albums so that Army can stay connected with them.

Following Jin, J-hope was the second band member who started his military service in April 2023. Even after joining the military, the two members express their heartfelt wishes for the other members and for their fandom Army. Besides, they prepared enough content for different occasions like BTS Festa and did all the necessary arrangements before going.

All the remaining members went to see off the members while going to the military and also preparing for their own military journey soon. Meanwhile, all of them are working solely on their own projects and albums.

Suga also released his own debut solo album D-day which is the finale of the trilogy of him as Agust-D. He also worked as the songwriter and producer of the album which made the album very special and close to his heart. The rapper executed one-month long D-day tour which ended successfully in the KSPO Dome in Seoul.

Now, Suga is all set to go for his military service after Jin and J-hope and gradually all the other members will also join them to finish their military service as soon as possible and come back as a team like old times.

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