Fan’s Review On “Night Has Come” and “Death’s Game”, Two Most Talked About Thriller K-dramas As They Reached To Their End (No Spoilers).

Review On “Night Has Come” and “Death’s Game”, Two Most Talked About Thriller K-dramas As They Reached To Their End (No Spoilers).

The craze for thriller K-dramas goes without saying and that’s why the number of K-dramas in this genre is increasing every year. The days of K-dramas being mostly historical plays, family dramas, and love romances are long gone. Some of the most terrifying and thrilling TV series you’ll ever witness are produced in South Korea these days.

The rise of worldwide streaming platforms with fewer guidelines is partly responsible for the genre diversification that has occurred in recent years as they got the freedom to go into depth with the storylines. These Korean dramas will show you a gory hell of a time, with everything from superhuman spies to otherworldly animals to crime-fighting vigilantes.

Here, we will learn about the fan reviews of the two most talked about thriller K-dramas which are “Night Has Come” and “Death’s Game” which have recently completed their seasons and getting mixed opinions.

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1. Night Has Come

High school thriller K-dramas are on trend where some teen students try to survive monsters or creepy creatures. “All Of Us Are Dead” and “Duty After School” are two perfect examples of high school thriller K-dramas and Night Has Come is no different.

In the drama, A second-year high school class is unexpectedly forced to play mafia games in real life on their retreat, setting the stage for a mystery teen drama. The drama will highlight the pupils’ fierce psychological conflict as they enter survival mode.

Yooil High School’s second-grade third class goes on a field trip. They fight to survive there as they are made to play a mafia game of death. Lee Yoon Seo tries to get away by using her superior observational and logical skills. The class president, Kim Jun Hee, has a strong sense of accountability and fairness. Although Oh Jung Won is the most intelligent student in the school, she is a recluse and a loner. She needs to cooperate with the other students to survive.

“Night Come” had viewers gripped to their seats, waiting for the story to come to life in a deadly game of survival. A hint of terror creates a captivating impact that makes it impossible to look away but tough to watch. The younger cast that has been chosen suits the high school student vibes flawlessly. Despite not being seasoned professionals, they aim to demonstrate their abilities as emerging talents.


In the starting, the situation was shrouded in fear and confusion, leaving more questions than answers. However, the drama really comes to life during these tense scenes, making you want to stay seated all the way through.

The drama got off to a great start since it wasn’t afraid to be brutal and violent, and it was easy to distinguish between the students and the archetypes they stood for. The student’s disorganization continued for a little too long, which caused the drama to lose some of its momentum as it went on. The back story itself lacked depth and didn’t fully explore some of the earlier mentioned details regarding each student’s involvement.

Viewers had mixed feelings about the overall drama, especially the ending. Some were very disappointed with the ending as they were expecting a more logical end but some debated that there couldn’t be any better ending than the existing one. Although, the drama received mixed opinions but still viewers had a good time watching the K-drama and looking forward to a second season.

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2. Death’s Game

Another, popular and praised thriller K-drama of the present time is “Death’s Game” which is mainly about reincarnation and adapted by a webtoon with the same name. The much-awaited fantasy K-drama Death’s Game tells the story of a man who must confront the consequences of playing with life and death.

After experiencing a string of misfortunes and considering suicide, a man is faced with Death and given the punishment of repeatedly dying through 13 different lives in order to obtain the opportunity to live again. Every time he awakens, he finds himself in a new body, on the verge of death. He can continue living that life if he can figure out a means to subsist.

The K-drama created a lot of excitement because of the impressive cast of actors who were slated to play several interpretations of the main male character. The K-drama will explore sensitive issues like suicide, death, discrimination, failures, and what it means to live, so viewers who added this drama to their watchlist should get ready for an exciting trip.


Right from the telecast of the first episode, the drama started receiving positive reviews and with time more people got interested in this exciting reincarnation K-drama. The performance of the cast was really something that won people’s hearts as the drama was a mixture of thriller and emotions as the same time.

The show’s storyline and cinematography enhance the fantasy thriller’s binge-watching experience. There are very few boring moments throughout the entire show. Viewers become deeply engrossed in the plot because they are constantly wondering what will happen next.

It avoids being pretentious while remaining exciting, and interesting, and it explores highly thought-provoking issues. Fans were highly satisfied with the ending as everything was making sense at the end. Over all, the thriller K-drama received positive feedback with high ratings.

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