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How To Enter The Fansign Of Your Favorite K-pop Group And How Do Fansigns Work?

Getting into a fansign is one of the biggest desires for any fan as this is the only way to interact with their favorite artists. Fans who get to attend the event and meet their favorite idol group and have a chat is a lucky one as they get chosen among thousands of people. It is not every day that you get to see the artist whom you admire so much and it makes the event very special for the fans.

Generally, K-pop fansigns are when fans get the chance to meet their favorite K-pop group after buying their official album for a short period of time and getting their albums signed physically by the K-pop group members in South Korea. Almost all K-pop groups, starting from rookie groups to experienced K-pop groups try to hold fansign events after their comeback or any album release.

As the K-pop industry is rising, the amount of people wanting to join such events is increasing as well so it gets a little hard sometimes to choose some of them from such a big number of fans. As the event is held in South Korea so, many international K-pop fans might know the detailed process of how to get tickets for a fansign event among a large number of fans.

It is also a great opportunity for K-pop idols to interact with their fans directly and know about their feedback. To understand the process better and help you enjoy an amazing meet-up with your favorite K-pop group we concluded some detailed information in this blog.

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The process of Fansign

After a comeback or an album release, K-pop groups announce their fansign event if they are having any so that the sales of the albums get higher because fans purchase as many albums as they can to raise their possibility of attending the event. On their official site or page where the group shares all the official announcements, they announce the fansign event’s information in detail. Generally, the agencies of K-pop groups use two methods to select the fans who will be attending the event.

1. First purchases: It is a competitive method where the fans who manage to buy the newly released official album from the official page get a ticket to enter the fansign event. This method is generally used by the rookie K-pop groups who have a smaller fandom which makes it easy to scan the first purchases.

2. Lottery method: This method is the most used method to choose certain fans according to luck. If a fan buys one album then he/she will get one token in the lottery. This is why the more albums you buy, the more of your tokens go into the lottery.

After the agencies get the names of the selected fans they inform them through their provided personal information while purchasing. It is very important to provide the right name and address so that you don’t miss such a big opportunity.

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What to do to increase the chances of getting into a Fansign?

If you want to attend a certain K-pop group’s fansign very badly then you must put all your efforts but also be ready to face rejection as there is so surety of it no matter how hard you try. But you can increase the chances of you being selected by being attentive.

The first thing you have to do is stay active on the official site of the K-pop group and notice all their announcement, especially after a comeback or album release. The only way to get informed about the organized fansign event of a K-pop group is this otherwise you’ll miss out on the announcement and will never know that such an event is happening.

Secondly, you must have seen some faces who actively attend fansign events and post pictures about them. Let one thing be clear, it’s not only their luck that they are being selected for the events. They spend a lot of money to buy more than one album as the chances increase the more albums you buy.

If spending a large amount of money to buy the album for a few minutes of fansign seems not applicable to you then you can always choose not to buy. Instead, you can spend money on different occasions which can also let you get closer to your favorite K-pop group. For example, buying a VIP ticket of their concert where you can see the whole concert from close and if luck favors you then you might make eye contact with them.

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Things to do at a Fansign Event

As it’s a very important event for any K-pop fan, it is necessary to do things carefully so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest. Some fans might get nervous to see their favorite K-pop idol right in front of their eyes and don’t know what to do or what to say.

The first and foremost thing to do is stay calm, capture, and enjoy every single moment of the fansign event. This is the only place where K-pop idols have a heart-to-heart conversation with their fans, hold their hands, and listen to what you have to say so make sure not to mess up.

1. Pack important belongings

While choosing the fans for a fansign event, the agency mentions certain documents or ID card information which everyone has to bring. Make sure to put all the important documents in your bag first and along with that take some necessary things for an event like water, a camera, etc.

2. Prepare questions

Fans have very little time to interact with people so it gets pretty hard to have deep conversations which is why instead of complicated questions, prepare some simple and playful questions that will help you to have a nice and sweet conversation.

3. Prepare cute gifts

Many fans prepare gifts for the K-pop idols like headbands, plushies, handwritten letters, journals, etc., and gift them to the K-pop group members after checking. It is not necessary to bring gifts to a fansign event but if you want you can prepare some cute stuff for your favorite member or all the members of the group. It brings a smile to their face and you’ll also feel special if you could express your emotions for them through a gift.

4. Be respectful

Last but not least, each and every fan should be respectful towards the artist and don’t do any appropriate things which can make them feel uncomfortable. Make it a happy memory for both you and your favorite K-pop group.

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