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How Female K-pop Idols Maintain Their Body To Have Perfect Hourglass Shape?

Many K-pop fans see female K-pop idols as the role models of their lives and show interest in every little detail from their physique to their lifestyle. These idols are just like their title as they don’t only entertain people through their music, they also influence people in different aspects. When we see female K-pop idols on the screen, one of the many things that come to our mind is how they maintain their hourglass body.

It comes to our mind that these eye-catching K-pop idols are blessed with perfect bodies but it’s not only a gift but also a factor to hold onto it. According to K-pop beauty standards, female K-pop idols should carry an hourglass body but with time the thought process and the beauty standard are revolutionizing. When it comes to maintaining the figure, these idols indeed face difficulty and spend a lot of time over it. In this blog, we will get to know more briefly about how K-pop idols do it so gracefully.

Note: No one is encouraged to follow or try the following points to have an hourglass body. All the remarks are made according to sources and it can be dangerous to follow without consulting with a professional.

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What is an hourglass body shape?

Having an hourglass body is what many women desire as it looks fascinating to many and very common shape in the entertainment industry. Hourglass is something we all know that is used to measure time and when women have their shoulders and hips in proportional size and waist in a defined size which looks somehow like an hourglass is recognized as an hourglass body.

Although women find themselves attractive in an hourglass body that doesn’t make the other body types any less. It’s just that female K-pop idols strive to achieve this hourglass body to look more appealing when they are performing.

How do female K-pop idols maintain their physique amid their busy schedule?

It’s an undeniable fact that K-pop idols have such appealing looks and for some idols it’s a genetic thing whereas some have to work on it for a long time to gain a perfect figure but no matter what the situation is, each and every K-pop idol has to maintain their body in a steady manner.

While trying to gain a slim figure, many K-pop idols have gone to extreme levels which can be risky for health. Here, we will mention some of the common things that female K-pop idols do to maintain their physique.

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1. Regular exercise

The first and most common thing that K-pop idols follow is to exercise regularly according to their body type. Unlike the male idols, the female K-pop idols don’t exercise to gain muscles but to get a toned body.

There are various exercise routines to work on different parts of the body so they follow their trainers’ instructions and try to exercise at least twice a week. Hourglass body requires a smaller waist than the shoulders and hips so the exercise for an hourglass body focuses more on these three areas.

2. Dance the day out

When it comes to exercise, many female K-pop idols find it more difficult so they find another way to maintain their body which is dance. Dancing the day out makes them feel worked up like doing exercises and it also helps them to practice their choreography as well which works like a two-in-one thing for them.

Although dancing and exercising cannot be on the same scale but it is definitely helpful to cut down on some of the exercise time and spend it on dancing. K-pop idols mostly do dance styles like street dance, hip-hop, etc. and it also helps them to improve their dancing skill.

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3. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the extreme and hardest ways to maintain an hourglass body shape. It’s something where people can eat for only eight hours of the day and the rest of the time they have to fast and they don’t even eat a full meal in those eight hours.

It’s sad that many entertainment companies in Korea force their trainees as well as idols to do extreme fasting to lose weight faster which can be pretty dangerous for the health. Idols do the fasting when they need to lose weight in a short period of time for a certain event.

4. Following Diet

Maintaining a routine diet suggested by the nutritionist is a common way to stay in shape. Idols from different K-pop groups have to follow the given diet from time to time whenever they feel like getting out of shape. Besides, they are always very about eating at the wrong time which can affect their body like having midnight snacks.

Following a diet plan is fine as long as it doesn’t get out of hand but unfortunately, many K-pop idols have done some of the worst diets which can be very low in calories. There are popular female idols who did extreme diets during their career. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is said that Twice’s Momo only ate ice chips for days during her trainee days just to achieve a distinct weight for a shoot but ended up not gaining the goal weight.
  • IU’s extreme diet is also very well-known among people as it consists of just one apple, two sweet potatoes, and 1 cup protein drink for a day.
  • One food diet is something that was followed by many female K-pop idols like Dasom, Seulgi, Jeon So Mi, etc. who took one meal a day. They didn’t even eat a full meal at that one time, they usually stick to low-calorie food like cucumber, banana, apple, etc. which are not acceptable to stay in a healthy condition.

5. Plastic surgery

The Korean beauty standard is mostly followed by K-pop idols for which plastic surgery is very common in the Korean industry to get a desired body shape. Some of the idols speak openly about their surgery and some of them don’t talk about it much out of shyness. But when it comes to having a perfect body, K-pop idols prefer other options rather than having a plastic surgery.

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