K-drama OSTs By Popular K-pop Idols

7 K-drama OSTs By Popular K-pop Idols Which Receive Immense Love From K-drama Fans.

A K-drama needs some amazing K-drama OSTs that can take a drama to another level. K-drama OSTs work as a make-or-break scene in the K-drama industry because they help to connect with the viewers of the drama. K-drama fans cry their eyes out in an emotional OST whereas feel all good in seconds with an upbeat soundtrack. 

K-drama and K-pop have always been connected through music or the actors and actresses. Some of the most popular and greatest of all-time K-pop idols and groups has gifted K-drama lovers some amazing OSTs that left a mark in their heart. If you are both a K-pop and K-drama lover, there is nothing better than that.

K-drama OSTs By Popular K-pop Idols

There are plenty of amazing K-drama OSTs sung by K-pop idols but because of the limitations of time and space, we are only mentioning a few here.

1. Secret Number – Love maybe (Business Proposal)

Business Proposal has some very beautiful soundtracks which include the love song “Love Maybe” as well. The K-drama OST expresses one’s feelings and emotions of love towards the other. When you fall in love, you want to spend more time with that person, do the things you always wanted to do, visit beautiful places, and whatnot. That feeling is cheerfully described in the song.

Business Proposal is a fun romantic K-drama where you can see how the two main leads fall in love with each other. The song cheers up the mind while listening to it especially when the K-pop girl group Secret Number’s members added their sweet and mesmerizing voices to the K-drama OST.

2. Stray Kids – Story That Won’t End (Extraordinary You)

“Story That Won’t End” is the first K-drama OST of Stray Kids as a K-pop boy band since their debut. The song made its way to the hearts of their fans and also the K-drama fans. “Extraordinary You” is a total romance drama that represents youth and it is one of the most heartwarming dramas for fans. People cried and laughed while watching the drama while the song complimented the drama very well.

People over the internet really admired how beautiful the song was from the lyrics to the soft vocals and high notes, everything impressed the audience. Stray Kids gave their best to make the song stand out and indeed the K-drama OST deserves all the love and attention that it received.

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3. Lia – Blue Flower (Alchemy Of Souls)

Lia from Itzy is well known for her divinely soothing voice and is one of the most admired K-pop idols for singing K-drama OSTs among fans. An emotional drama like “Alchemy Of Souls” needs a calm voice for fans to relate with the emotions and that’s where Lia’s voice fits the most. After hearing Lia in her first K-drama OST “Always Be Your Star”, K-drama fans fell in love with her voice and said that her voice is a perfect fit for OSTs.

The song mainly talks about unconditional love and the cross-overs of life and death which shows the complexity of the relationship between the main leads. The song has lyrics with depth and for a song like that, Lia’s voice worked pretty well to accompany the emotional scene on the screen.

4. Hwasa – Orbit (The King: Eternal Monarch)

Popular girl group Mamamoo’s one of the members Hwasa sang her first ever solo K-drama OST “Orbit” for the drama called “The King: Eternal Monarch”. Fans were taken by surprise by Hwasa’s versatile singing and wanted to hear more OSTs from her. The OST itself is very beautifully composed and Hwasa’s voice gave it the perfect touch of depth.

Besides the lyrics and Hawasa’s voice, the soundtrack combined so well with balanced sound effects, instruments, chorus, and of course the music video. The song conveys the message of longing for love between two lovers who really want to stay together. It also portrays that one can face any ups and downs without stopping or, complaining with the person he truly loves. No one thought Hwasa’s voice would fit so well in a K-drama OST until they heard it and it came out perfectly.

5. V – Christmas tree (Our Beloved Summer)

“Our Beloved Summer” K-drama received high ratings from K-drama fans for its beautiful storyline, the performance of the cast, and the soundtracks used in the drama. Kim Taehyung aka V from the boy band BTS sang the song “Christmas Tree” to show his loyalty toward his friend Choi Woo-shik who was playing the character of the main lead in the drama and the song went crazy over the charts.

The song lyrics, melody, and everything was carefully made keeping the voice of V in mind. The lyrics of the song is already so beautiful and V sang it very soulfully that it could touch people’s emotion like his other solo songs. Besides, the on-camera chemistry between the main leads really fitted the song.

6. Red Velvet – Future (Startup)

“Future” is an upbeat K-drama OST sung by the well-known girl group Red Velvet for the K-drama “Startup”. The song can lift anyone’s bad mood with Red Velvet’s cheerful voices and upbeat rhythm. Startup is a romantic comedy-drama and the song shows the hopeful mood of the drama. If you love to hear cheery voices in your low days then this is for you. Not only for the drama, the song is individually very upbeat to hear.

7. Park Jimin – With You (Our Blues)

K-pop idols have gifted us some of the best OSTs of all time which lifted the mood of the drama very well. A living example is the song “With You” from the drama “Our Blues” which is sung by two talented K-pop singers Jimin (BTS Member) and Ha Sung-woon (Former Wanna One member).

The song expressed the love and desire to be together and the voices of two beautiful singers made the song very pleasing to the ears. This is the first time that the BTS member Jimin has worked on an OST and he delivered his part so beautifully, especially in the low register of the first verse. The song complimented the drama well to showcase the dedication to love.

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