K-drama real life couple in 2023

K-drama Real life Couples Who’s Steaming Love Story Can Beat Any Romance Drama.

K-dramas on-screen romances already stole millions of hearts with their steaming chemistry but K-drama real life couples are no less than that. K-drama fans love to ship their favorite couples from the drama in real life as well and it becomes a heart-wavering moment for them when they see them date in real life.

There aren’t many couples who dated a co-actor or actress from the same drama but there are a bunch of K-drama celebrities who got into a relationship and even married other K-drama celebrities working in this same field. In this blog, we will get to know about some of these K-drama real-life couples whose love story beats the on-screen romance.

K-drama Real life Couples In 2023.

Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In

1. Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da in one of the most talked about couples in the Korean industry. The “Mouse” famous actor Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In whose debut drama is “Hwarang” tied the knot and exchanged bows in April 2023 after all the ups and downs.

The couple first started getting to know each other through their common interest in acting and golf and later started dating at the end of 2020, according to sources. They dated for a while spending time with each other in their free time.

The cutest part of their relationship happened when Lee Seung Gi posted on his social media a letter announcing their marriage officially and asking for everyone’s support. He mentioned their wedding as the most important decision and admired Lee Da In as a warm and loving person. This overwhelming post melted the heart of millions of K-drama fans to see their favorites tying knots with so much love.

Jisoo and Ahn Bo hyun

2. Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun

The news of the girl group Blackpink’s Jisoo and popular actor Ahn Bo-hyun dating took the whole social media by storm. People went crazy over the news as no one was expecting it all of a sudden. There’s not much revealed about their relationship, how they met, and how they fell for each other but it’s confirmed that these two popular Korean industry celebs are tied in a romantic bond.

The news about their relationship was first released by the Korean news outlet Dispatch and when the news was spread like wildfire, both of their agencies confirmed their relationship. They said in a statement that the two are getting to know each other and asked fans to accept them with warmth.

At first, people were manifesting Jisoo’s love angle with Jung Hae-in, the co-actor of her debut drama “Snowdrop” after seeing their amazing chemistry. It turned out to be the desired headline but with a different name on it for fans. It’s not like fans were upset with the news but it’s more like they were shocked and later on everyone congratulated the hot trendy couple to have a good time together.

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IU and Lee Jong Suk

3. IU and Lee Jong-Suk

The love story of the dreamy couple IU and Lee Jong-Suk is no less than a beautiful romance drama. The relationship between the sensational, crush of many Korean stars, Lee Ji-Eun (IU), and the popular Korean actor Lee Jong-Suk gradually fell deeply in love with each other with time. Although they declared their love officially in 2022, they met a decade back in 2012.

At first, they were mere co-workers in a music show which turned out into a beautiful friendship, and later on the friendship took one step forward. Lee Jong-Suk appreciated IU for giving him support and comfort when he needed it the most. He seemed very fond of IU because of the way she comforted him and gave him strength after his military service when he was having a hard time.

Besides, the actor always expressed gratitude indirectly to IU through his words and IU also mentioned the fact that Lee Jong-Suk gives her encouragement by telling her how amazing she is. The lovey-dovey couple received a lot of positive responses from the fans and fans admired their expression of love towards each other.

Ji Sung and Lee Bo young

4. Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young

Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young’s love is like those long romantic k-dramas which end with a happily ever after. The two actors first met in a set and soon after Ji Sung left for his military service but he kept in contact with Lee Bo-young.

Ji Sung was the first to express his feelings to Lee Bo-young which left her in hesitation because Ji Sung was not actually her type. Besides, she wanted to focus on her acting career at that time but when he said he is even ready to quit acting for her, that was something that moved her, and eventually with time they started dating.

In August 2013 they announced their engagement through handwritten letters to each other which fans found a very sweet gesture and later on they tied the knot in the same year. The couple is still going strong and has a loving family with two children.

Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol

5. Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol

K-drama fans must know the faces of Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol from the popular classic K-drama “Reply:1988” where they played the role of childhood friends and that’s where they first met each other. Viewers really liked their chemistry on screen and how they portrayed their characters so beautifully.

After the shooting ended, Hyeri became very emotional as she got very attached to the other cast members as well as Ryu Jun Yeol but they kept crossing each other’s paths in different award shows and programs. After a few days, rumors started growing of them dating, and later on, they claimed that the rumors are true.

Their relationship started as friends and grew to become a couple which left many fans in surprise. The beautiful part is, it’s been years since the two actors started dating and, in the meantime, they faced many problems like breakup rumors but they ensured they are still going strong through their social media activity. Their relationship never made any obstacles in their careers as they both are doing amazing work in their dramas.

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