Must-watch Romantic K-dramas of 2023

Must-watch Romantic K-dramas of 2023 For Rom-com Lovers.

The craze for Korean dramas especially for romantic K-dramas is getting spreading like fire with time. The way people are adapting to Korean culture starting from K-pop, Korean skincare, and Korean style to Korean dramas, is fascinating. There is a thing that, once you get into the Korean drama world, you can’t get out and it’s very much proven regarding its increasing popularity.

Romantic Korean dramas with great plots are something that K-drama lovers are addicted to. But in this era of hundreds of numbers of K-dramas releasing every year, it’s hard to choose which one is a must-watch and which one is going to be a total time waste. To bring you out of this confusion and have no regrets later on, here we listed some of the must-watch romantic K-dramas of 2023.

Must-watch Romantic K-dramas of 2023.

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1. King The Land

Starring two K-pop stars Lim Yoon-a from Girls’ Generation and Lee Jun-ho of 2PM as the lead couple, the drama “King The Land” caught everyone’s attention since the trailer was released. King The Land is one of those typical dramas where the rich cold heir of the company fell in love with the bubbly cheerful employee and later, they fell in love.

The storyline may seem cliché to some people but the plotline, the character development, the chemistry between the lead couples Goo Won (Lee Joon-Ho) and Cheo Sa-rang (Lim Yoon-a), and their captivating romance made this drama a must-watch.

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King The Land – Soundtrack – JTBC Drama

Most rom-com lovers look forward to a relationship where the male lead is a total green flag but acts a bit cold towards the female lead who has a bright personality. The drama beautifully presented how their bond grew with time through clashes, bickering, and fights but ended up bringing them closer. Both the main leads have their own backstories and struggles with life which they gradually overcome.

Although, the drama received some judgments after representing a sensitive topic for which the ratings of the drama drastically dropped but later on the team made a sincere apology from their side. People still fall for the drama as the male lead is an ideal type for any girl who treats his partner with such delicacy and love.

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2. The Forbidden Marriage

A historical romantic drama, The Forbidden Marriage is about the romance between the Korean king Lee Heon and a swindler named Ye So-Rang in the Joseon Dynasty. 7 years ago, when the king was a crown prince, he lost his wife and since then he couldn’t get over his late wife.

But it came as a nightmare for the nation after the ban on marriage for all single women while the King has not remarried. On the other hand, Ye So-Rang (Park Ju-Hyun) played the role of a swindler who kept telling lies and false stories to get out of her predicament.

She made the king, Lee Heon (Kim Young-Dae) believe that she was possessed by his late wife’s spirit. One lie led to another and the story keeps on getting interesting when they end up falling in love with each other.

Although, it’s a historical drama it comes with a lot of modern twists and turns. The drama is full of comedy, humor, and fun moments and ends with a happy ending which makes it a very warm and enjoyable drama for the viewers.

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3. Heartbeat

When we hear about vampire dramas, we assume in our mind a thriller and suspenseful plot but Heartbeat comes in with a totally exceptional genre of vampire dramas. It is a fun and full of romance drama starring Ok Taec-yeon of the K-pop group 2PM and Won Ji-an.

The story is about a vampire named Sun Woo-hyeol (Taec-yeon) who badly desires to experience human life and the feeling of love but just before one day becoming a human, he faces an unexpected incident because of the female lead, Joo In-hae (Ji-an).  Although, it was supposed to be an unpleasant event for Sun Woo-hyeol but it ended up creating a love angle between them.

The fun part starts when both of them starts living together under different circumstances. During the drama, you can feel the desire of a vampire to love and bring out the romance. The drama is full of love, romance, and fun moments which was pretty much capable to captivate the audience’s attention.

People got to see a new side of Ok Taec-yeon through this romantic comedy drama and the love-hate relationship between the main leads. Someone who loves to watch fresh rom-com dramas will binge-watch this one for sure.

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4. Crash course In romance

The K-drama Crash Course In Romance is not only about love and comedy, it’s more than that. The story starred a lady who runs a Korean side dish restaurant and a popular instructor in a private education field. The female lead Nam Haeng-Seon does every possible thing to give her niece a high-quality education

In the whole drama, you will see different plots and unexpected suspense. It’s not your regular classic K-drama as it reflected different issues like private education fields, and the struggles of a mother, daughter, and teachers as well.

One thing that must be admired in the drama “Crash course in romance” is the amazing performance of the cast and the main lead’s chemistry development which seemed realistic to the audience. Although it has some drawbacks when it comes to the timing of executing and exposing the plot overall it won’t be a disappointing watch.

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5. Call it love

Call It Love is a drama where you can see the story of revenge and the forbidden love between the main leads Sim Woo-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung) and Han Dong-Jin (Kim Young-Kwang). It all starts when Sim Woo-Joo decides to take revenge on her father’s ex-mistress as her happy and loving family gets ruined because of this other woman.

But fate wanted something else and she fell in love with the mistress’s son Han Dong-Jin unknowingly while trying to revenge through him. Her revenge story became her love story but it wasn’t that easy for her when the family drama begins.

The drama is full of plots and slow-burn romance which ends on a happy note. Call it Love is an intense and warm drama so not everyone will enjoy it wholeheartedly and some might find it a little slow at first. But the story development and the struggles of the main leads will make people want more. Its cinematography, production, and amazing cast can make it one of the most favorite revengeful and romantic K-drama of yours.

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