4th gen K-pop Groups And Their Impact On The K-pop Industry.

4th Gen K-pop Groups And Their Impact On The K-pop Industry.

K-pop 4gen or 4th Generation K-pop groups refers to the idol groups who debuted officially in the K-pop industry in 2018 or after that. In the past few years, K-pop music has seen an incredible and unheard-of expansion. K-pop has been able to attract admirers of all ages, from early teens to golden age. Thanks to trending TikTok videos and Instagram challenges, it appears that everyone is aware of the newest hits, fan communities, and chorus, complete with hook moves.

Although K-pop has already dominated the whole world, the 4th generation is now dominating the K-pop industry. The 4th gen K-pop is distinguished by a far greater use of digital media, including social media outlets, and by groups that from early on focus on the worldwide music business. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact on the generation as well. It resulted in the creation and promotion of online concerts among other things.

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  • Revolution of K-pop
  • The Impact of 4th Gen K-pop in the K-pop Industry
  • Successful 4th Gen K-pop Groups
    • NewJeans
    • Itzy
    • TXT
    • Stray Kids
    • Enhypen
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Revolution of K-pop

The K-pop genre started in the 1950s in South Korea. The first group who created the foundation for the K-pop culture were the Kim sisters but it was not until the 1990s that the first generation of K-pop groups formed. Third-generation acts like SHINee, BTS, EXO, and Twice, who had enormous popularity on social media platforms between the early 2010s and the 2020s, are largely responsible for the success of Korean music and culture internationally.

With groups ranging in number from three to twenty-seven members, the group’s composition is extremely diversified. There are mixed groups, only-girl or only-boy groups, and group subdivisions. The 4th Gen K-POP groups are emerging, as evidenced by the likes of ATEEZ and ITZY, which feature stars as young as 16. Some of the most established K-pop groups are still going strong today, along with solo performers.

Although there were negative effects of the global COVID-19 outbreak in the whole world, the K-pop industry has continued to expand as a result of companies’ efforts to promote their stars on social media. The year 2020 saw the emergence of virtual festivals and concerts. With over 750,000 viewers simultaneously from across the world, BTS really shattered the record for staging the biggest online concert in history.

The Korean Wave has been of great help in promoting Korean local travel and culture throughout the world. The international audience has become more interested in Korean language and culture because of the music’s increasing popularity. One of Korea’s main sources of foreign income is K-POP, and in the coming years, the Korean Wave’s worldwide influence is certain to increase.

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The Impact of 4th Gen K-pop Groups in the K-pop Industry

The K-pop 4gen emerged in the K-pop industry roughly starting in 2018. These K-pop groups, who were also impacted by their seniors, have not let us down. K-pop artists are rapidly using new features on Twitter, such as Fleets and Spaces, to expand their following base beyond just content releases.

Over the years, K-pop has changed significantly, resulting in the emergence of new generations. Every generation has made an impact on the industry, influencing K-pop’s music, look, and appeal throughout the world. With a greater consumer base and sway, 4th gen K-pop truly produced fresh ideas and inventive skills.

This new generation of idols is made up of people who spent most of their teenage years developing their talents. A now-perfected method for recruiting and coaching the best of the best has been made possible by the industry’s enormous evolution and growth.

Although the achievements of 4th gen K-pop groups are huge but still the impact of 3rd gen K-pop groups left a deep impact on the history of K-pop. Because the big K-pop groups of the past paved the way for them, many 4th generation groups were able to achieve in a matter of months what took years for other groups to succeed.

Successful K-pop 4gen Groups

With trendy style, catchy beats, updated technology, and global fame, the 4th gen K-pop idols have received immense popularity and achievements internationally. Here we will talk about a few of them who have made their place strong within a short time in the K-pop industry.

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1. NewJeans

NewJeans, a rising 4th gen K-pop sensation, has made a lasting impression on the world of music. As one of the initial 4th Generation K-pop groups, NewJeans tops the Billboard charts and breaks records. NewJeans smashing and one of the most popular singles ‘Super Shy’ has earned them the titles ‘Billboard’s Greatest Pop Stars of 2023’ and ‘The 100 Best Songs of 2023’

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2. Itzy

ITZY stands apart from other groups thanks to their intense dancing skills and strong voices. With five group members, ITZY has achieved tremendous success with songs like “ICY,” “DALLA DALLA,” and “Wannabe,” earning them recognition for their bold and self-assured sound. JYP Entertainment girls, the 4th gen K-pop idols, have been working hard for their comeback. They have received more than 40 awards from different music awards. This achievement of ITZY even surpassed certain seniors.

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3. TXT

Among the most well-known K-Pop groups of the 4th gen is TXT founded by BigHit Music. The group is made up of 5 members, and they officially debuted on March 4, 2019. Being the first group from BigHit to appear after BTS, TXT was already well-known before they ever made their debut. It is not surprising that global brands all over the world are interested in collaborating with TXT, as they have cemented their position as worldwide stars.

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4. Stray Kids

One of the most beloved 4th gen K-pop groups is the self-producing group, Stray Kids. The group is renowned for its strong and upbeat musical offerings. Popular songs including “God’s Menu,” “Back Door,” and “Thunderous” have been offered by Stray Kids.

With their EP “Oddinary”, Stray Kids became one of the rare South Korean bands to have an album debut at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 in March 2022. All previous Stray Kids sales records have been completely surpassed by the release of their album 5-Star. Based on the band’s steady growth, it seems certain that their upcoming albums will keep drawing rave reviews and topping the charts, solidifying their place among the most successful bands in the music industry.

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5. Enhypen

The boy band ENHYPEN, consisting of seven members, is admired by fans for their intense performances on stage. ENHYPEN’s dark and fascinating ideas set them apart from the other bands. The group’s strong and compelling music is enough to captivate their audience. Some of the most successful tunes given by the band are “Given-Taken,” “Drunk-Dazed,” and “Future Perfect (Pass & Future).” In a single day, ENHYPEN sold nearly 1.38 million copies of “ORANGE BLOOD,” shattering their own first-week sales record. The group is prepared for its impending global achievement since its youthful members are eager to learn and develop more.

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