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The Brand New K-pop Group TWS Debuted in The K-pop Industry With Their Unique Style Called “Boyhood Pop”.

The brand-new K-pop group TWS is set to set fire in the K-pop industry with their attractive style and unique genre “Boyhood Pop”. The boy group debuted on January 22, 2024, with their mini album “Sparkling Blue” under the agency Pledis Entertainment. The agency explained the reason behind TWS name as “Twenty-four-seven with us” which holds the commitment of the K-pop group towards their fans to stay connected with them.

BTS’s agency Hybe and Pledis ENTERTAINMENT, which has worked behind the success of groups like SEVENTEEN has brought the new K-pop group TWS. Ahead of the release of TWS debut album “Sparkling Blue”, the group published their pre-release song “Oh Mymy: 7s” along with a unique video called “TWS Prologue ‘Oh Mymy: 7s’.”

Excitement for TWS is growing as they are the first boy group to debut with PLEDIS Entertainment after nine years since the record-breaking K-pop group Seventeen. K-pop fans should get ready to add this new but unique boy band to their favorite list.

TWS Debut Album

With two versions, Sparkling and Lucky, TWS has just released its debut mini album, “Sparkling Blue” on 22nd January 2024. With upbeat and appealing music, TWS has a sparkling, non-toxic, and amiable concept in its album.

Sparkling Blue has a total of 5 tracks including Oh Mymy: 7s, which was pre-released on the 2nd, Unplugged Boy, First Hooky, BFF, and the title song, Plot Twist (First Meetings Don’t Go as Planned).

TWS released the music video for the title track of the album which is “Plot Twist”. Toning down the energetic sound to highlight the members’ vocals, the music video also incorporates cheerful elements into their powerful dance, which reflects the group’s true self.

The music video, which is based on a school play concept, uses a school setting to depict the lively moments of boyhood. The scenes represent the time when one is young and full of friends, sunlight classrooms, square tables, and green chalkboards. They also represent the dust on the white playground.

The outlook of the album is very refreshing which goes really well with its name “Sparkling Blue”. TWS debut album comes with a bunch of stuff like a name tag, outbox, photo book, polaroid, sticker, etc along with the CD. As a debut album, Sparkling Blue seems impressive and indicates a promising future for the new K-pop group.

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About TWS Members

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TWS debuted with six members which includes Shinyu (Leader), Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, and Kyungmin—were first revealed in the video released as part of the announcement. The members, Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihyun, and Kyungmin, were gradually revealed during SEVENTEEN’s fan meeting in March 2023, generating excitement.

The agency ensured TWS’s distinct identity through its music genre and the members’ particular talents, presenting the group as a next-generation ensemble combining creative prowess and strong infrastructure.

The K-pop Group TWS Unique Style “Boyhood Pop”

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The K-pop group TWS are pushing a new genre they call “Boyhood Pop,” which is inspired by their vibrant and energizing team identity. They said, “We will unfold a fresh musical journey that stimulates the pure and beautiful emotions of boyhood.”

TWS’s own musical style, “Boyhood Pop,” aims to enthrall listeners with imaginative and sensual music that creates lovely feelings in ordinary life. Every word and sound in the song captures the authentic tales of boyhood. TWS wants to expose listeners to their genuine and organic musical approach.

The band’s confidence is reflected in their song. TWS is set to showcase the innovative compositions that define their unique musical style, which they call Boyhood Pop. There are a lot of expectations, especially since this is Pledis Entertainment’s first boy group in nine years. It’s also noteworthy that they are HYBE Labels’ first rookie group for the upcoming year.

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