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Most Demanding Korean Beauty Products From Your Favorite Korean Dramas.

Korean beauty products have no comparison with any other beauty products around the world. No matter if you are a K-drama fan or not, anyone with a little beauty knowledge can tell that Koreans have one of the most beautiful skin tones of all time. With the rise of K-dramas, K-beauty has also achieved global recognition because of its powerful impact and excellence. Especially, K-drama fans who are always glued to their screens while watching K-dramas know the glassy and flawless complexions of their skin.

If you want to use the same kind of products as your favorite K-drama actress or, want the perfect smooth silky look for your regular days then do not worry. We combined some of the most popular skincare products which are generally shown on K-dramas for regular usage.

1. Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm

The Kahi Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm is one of the most sought-after products in K-dramas so far. Fans kept wondering what’s that light pink-looking stick the actresses use in K-drama. You might notice the product in “The King: Eternal Monarch”, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, “Taxi Driver”, and other popular Korean Dramas where actresses swipe the stick in their face as a regular skin care product.

The stick is a very travel-friendly makeup product that can brighten your day by fixing your worn-out skin. This is also one of the most popular products of Korean beauty products as the quality and effect of the Kahi Seoul stick.

It works like magic on the skin and gives instant moisturizing to the skin with a glowing effect. Kahi Seoul balm is the perfect Korean beauty product for those who have dry skin and need touch-ups to keep the skin moisturized and fresh until the end of the day. Not only does it touch up the makeup keeping the moisture but also works well with the freckles and wrinkles around the eyes.

The usage of the stick is quite simple which is just like a chapstick. People can use it by just twisting up the stick and applying it on their faces. Besides, it’s easy to use, it’s also quite handy as it can fit easily in your pocket or handbag which makes it an amazing go-to product.

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2. Magic Cushion Foundation

Another popular Korean beauty product from K-dramas is the magic cushion foundation that you see the main lead use while getting ready. Cushion Foundation is one of the essential makeup products for people in Korea as it suits perfectly with their type of skin.

 Korean people prefer cushion foundations rather than using a compact powder which feels a bit heavy and thick after being applied to the skin. Whereas cushion foundations are well known for their lightweight and naturally glow coverage. The cushion which is the sponge of the foundation, helps to blend the liquid formula so smoothly while keeping the moisture of the skin.

After showing cushion foundations so many times in K-dramas, the sales of these foundations went crazy. People didn’t only buy this foundation because of K-dramas, they actually liked the quality and impressive results of the product. Besides, these magic foundations come in handy sizes with standard packaging which adds up to a lot.

3. Face Mask

One of the most common and well-used beauty products in K-dramas as well as in Korea is various kinds of face masks. In a scene where the actors or actresses are in their houses after a long day with their pajamas on, one skin care product is always shown as a sign of relaxation or doing daily skincare.

Korean face masks are also known as sheet masks which are generally very thin and have to be kept on the face for around 15-20 minutes so that the skin can absorb the essences from the sheet mask. These sheet masks are soaked in different moisturizing and healthy elements like vitamins or nourishing essences. Different sheet masks work for different purposes as different people use them to get rid of different skin problems.

Some common sheet masks work as a whole for better and healthier skin by reducing the pores, moisturizing the skin, clearing the skin, and giving the skin a natural glow. Korean sheet masks are very popular worldwide for it’s effective results.

4. Eye Gel Patch

If you have watched a bunch of K-dramas, you must saw the K-drama actors or actresses using under-eye patches before going to sleep as a regular routine. There are several types and colors of patches from golden to watercolor available in the beauty market of Korea as Korean people are really careful about their eye health as well.

One of the main attractions of the Korean people you see in dramas is their slightly puffy eyes with even toned under eyes. They are gifted with naturally pretty and unique eyes but they also try to maintain the good health of the eyes. These eye gel patches are generally made of “Hydrogel” which is a substance that hydrates and nourishes the whole eye area beautifully. 

This is one kind of a part of the regular skincare routine as the eyes are an essential part of the face. These eye patches work very well to give the needed moisture to the under-eye skin and give a long-lasting impact. Besides, it helps to reduce under-eye wrinkles and dark circles which is a problem for many people who stay awake till late at night. These eye patches are made in a skin-friendly way so using them only makes your eye area more radiant and healthier.

5. Plump lip balm and lip gloss

People do see dramas for the storyline, romance, action, drama, etc. but the eyes are sometimes stuck on the lip tints or lip balms that the actresses use. The Korean beauty industry is known for producing one of the best quality lip products.

You see that glossy lips with a soft color the actresses apply and how beautifully they carry it. These types of tints and glosses make the lips look plump without using any plumping element or plastic surgery. The best part of these lip products is they don’t leave a strong stain and smooth the lips without a sticky texture.

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