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How To Watch K-drama With English Subtitles For Free?

The first thing that comes to your mind after starting to watch Korean dramas is, “Where can I see K-drama with English subtitles for free and without any problem?”. Being a K-drama fan is not an easy job as they have to look for the drama here and there. And many times, it’s hard to get your desired drama in English subtitles or English dubbed.

K-drama is like an escape from your busy days where you try to forget all your stress and enjoy your time alone. So, it’s essential to have a cozy and soothing atmosphere while watching K-drama but not all can afford paid platforms. Here we will talk about how K-drama fans can watch their favorite shows for free without facing any issues.

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Ways to watch K-drama with English subtitles for free

There are a few ways to watch K-dramas conveniently but different K-dramas may be available on different platforms as not all the K-dramas can be found in one place. There are a few alternative ways which are mentioned below:

Social media platform

The craze for Korean dramas on social media platforms is insane. To meet the growing demand for K-dramas, people post K-dramas with English subtitles on social media platforms. Among all the social media platforms, Telegram is one of the most popular and fans’ favorite platforms which comes with a lot of flexibility.

YouTube and Facebook are also very popular among fans but there are very few K-dramas available and it’s hard to find the popular K-dramas on these platforms. If someone can’t find all the episodes of the drama, they can also watch the drama explained in short videos through YouTube where some creators summarize the drama by explaining the story.

Unlike other social media, Telegram lets fans watch most K-dramas online or offline by downloading them without any excess ads. This is a very convenient and easy way to watch K-dramas for K-drama fans. To watch K-dramas on social media, simply you have to log in to your social media account and search for the drama by typing its name and the episode number in the search box.

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Drama apps

There are plenty of apps available that allow viewers to watch K-dramas and many other shows for free. These apps not only telecast K-dramas they also post many other dramas and shows like Chinese dramas, English shows, Korean movies, etc.

Seeing the hype and craze for K-dramas, these apps provide a large number of K-dramas on their platforms and people can even download them to watch without any interruption or network issues. To make it more convenient for people, these drama apps classify the dramas according to their genre, and on top of that, they offer subtitles in different languages like Hindi, English, Bangla, etc.

Besides, there are people who are not really good at Korean or English either, so the only solution for them is to find the drama subbed or dubbed in their local language. Considering the fans’ struggle, different sites and resources have been discovered that come with all the solutions they need.

Although, drama apps provide amazing facilities but they do have limitations. For example, it’s hard to find all the drama in one app and it’s even more difficult to get local language subtitles in many dramas. Drama apps try their best to provide different language subtitles for as many dramas as they can.

Drama websites

Alike drama apps, there are different K-drama sites available for K-drama lovers to watch their favorite shows. The only major difference between apps and websites is that there are a lot of ads showing up on these websites which can be bothersome.

However, people still prefer different websites to watch K-dramas because of the availability of dramas. Also, apps can make Android or IOS phones a little slow (my personal experience) and take up a good amount of storage. This is why people just barge into websites and search for the drama even though they have to face a large number of ads.

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Best free websites to watch K-dramas

It’s not possible for international fans to watch K-drama series on TV as they are telecast only on Korean TV channels. So, overseas fans are left with only one option and that is watching K-dramas online. There are so many amazing and convenient websites that will make you worry about finding your desired drama disappear.  

1. Dramacool

The name Dramacool is very common and well-known for those who have been into K-dramas for a long time now. Its popularity is mainly because of its huge collection of dramas and I mean it when I say it. Dramacool is most probably the fastest site to upload any new drama or update episodes of dramas with English subtitles.

They are very good at serving the fans with all kinds of popular dramas. The only problem with Dramacool is their excessive ads and pop-ups. But it’s manageable if you keep watching the episode without touching the screen much and to avid ads you can also download the episode and watch it offline.

2. Viki

Viki is genuinely called the number one drama site for K-drama lovers because of its amazing service. You can find both old and popular K-dramas here with a number of local language subtitles like French, Spanish, Hindi, etc.

Besides, K-dramas there is a large library of other Asian shows including Chinese, Japanese, Tawainese etc. So, it gives you the chance to explore and discover more amazing Asian shows and they have an app where you can access all the categories through your mobile phone.

3. Kiss Asian

It is another popular K-drama site with a simple interface. People love it because of its collection of different genre dramas starting from action to romance drama. Kiss Asian has rare movies and dramas in its collection with good-quality subtitles. There’s also a chat place where you can discuss the episodes and express your emotions with other viewers freely.

4. My Asian TV

My Asian TV is popular for its fast release of the latest dramas. They offer you new episodes from the latest dramas as soon as possible and get you updated with upcoming dramas as well. Although, their website might seem a little out of date but you can simply just search for your desired drama.

5. Kisskh

Kisskh is such an underrated website compared to the service it offers. Many K-drama fans switch to Kisskh after trying out other websites. Kisskh offers not only K-dramas but also other TV shows, Hollywood movies, and even anime series with different local language subtitles. Ignoring some common issues, it is amazing how this website offers so much to watch for free.  

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